13 Weeks

Ben is 13 weeks old today!  He weighs approximately 15 pounds and is 24 inches long.  He is sleeping 10 straight hours through the night now!!  It is so nice to get some good rest!  The past few mornings I have gone to get him out of his bed and found him in the middle of the crib turned sideways!  Click here for the video.  He usually looks up and gives me a wonderful toothless smile!  It is a great way to start the morning.  I would say that the morning is my most favorite time with him right now.  After I feed him we snuggle for a while and then when I lay him on his changing table he smiles and kicks his legs…it is so funny but can also make for a difficult time trying to change his diaper.  Afterwards he spends time watching and listening to his Razorback mobile spin around to the tune of the fight song.  Again, he loves to kick his legs and wave his arms.  It’s no wonder the boy has a big appetite…he gets plenty of exercise throughout the day!  Finally, before he goes down for his morning nap we read a book and pray for our friends and family together.  Our favorite book right now is called Gallop.  It is a scanimation book and he loves to watch the animals move!  Other cool things he is doing right now…pushing up on his arms to lift his head up during tummy time, playing with the three wooden bears on his bouncer and cooing the word “oh”!  Here’s his 13 week old picture!   


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