A New Pair of Shoes

Happy Friday!  Although I am not “working” per se I do still look forward to Fridays and the weekend.  I always enjoy the times when Jake and I can spend a full day together as opposed to a few hours in the evening during the week.  Most of those evenings are a little hectic these days trying to feed Ben, make dinner, bathe Ben, eat dinner, feed Ben again and put him to bed.  I should note that my husband helps out tremendously doing all of that!!  However, by the time we are done we are pretty exhausted.  If anyone has tips on how to simplify the evenings please share!!

About the new pair of shoes…the Russian Ballet of Orlando is performing “The Cinderalla Ballet” tonight at our church.  Jake and I had planned to go but I found out late this week that child care was not going to be provided so we have no babysitter (this is another reason why I really hate being so far away from family).  As part of the event, ticketholders are also supposed to bring a new pair of shoes to be donated to orphans and distressed children in South Africa.  Many of these children walk to school miles and miles everyday with no shoes.  As I looked into Ben’s closest this morning and noticed that he owns several pairs of shoes and is not even walking yet, I was reminded about how blessed we are.  So Ben and I drove to the church this afternoon and donated these shoes!  We said a special prayer that God will bless the life of the little boy or girl that wears them!!



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  1. What a neat thing to donate shoes! I love it. (and some little South African babe is going to look so cute prancing around in those kicks!) Sorry you guys couldn’t go to the show…I can totally relate. It stinks being so far away from family! Several friends have offered to watch him for us, but you know how that goes. It’s always a little awkward calling people up and saying, “Remember us? Can we cash in on your free offer? Thanks.”
    We want more pictures of Ben! (oh, and his birth announcement? SO cute. I LOVE that picture of him!)
    Let’s talk this week!

    Love you guys!

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