3, 2, 1…Blast Off!!

Last week we received a friendly little letter from our HOA that stated FIRST NOTICE OF VIOLATION at the top in big bold letters.  The letter informed us that we needed to powerwash our driveway and sidewalk, remove the weeds from the yard and paint the mailbox and replace the numbers and flag.  We thought to ourselves “seriously, the weeds…did they pull out a magnifying glass and scour every square inch of our yard??”  Jake pulls the weeds every time he mows which is usually about every weekend during the summer months.  We were a little relieved to learn that several of our other friends in the neighborhood received these letters too!  So we’d like to think that we have a picky HOA versus us being bad caretakers of the yard!  Thankfully one of our neighbors let Jake borrow his powerwasher.  Let me tell ya, powerwashing does not look like an easy job!!   

After a couple hours of powerwashing on Saturday, Ben and I decided Jake needed a break.  We headed on over to Colonial Town Park for some yummy ice cream from Coldstone.  Jake knows I am not a huge ice cream fan so when I have a craving we take advantage!  Jake got the “nights in white chocolate” and I went for the cookies and cream…my fav.  Anytime I venture away from this I am always disappointed, but not Jake, he is very adventurous when it comes to trying different types of ice cream.  Afterward we went for a nice stroll through Town Park.  It has lots of little shops and eateries.









As we drove into our neighborhood we noticed a small crowd forming by one of the lakes (in Arkansas we call these ponds, in Florida every small body of water is considered a lake) in the neighborhood.  We thought there might be an alligator so we circled around to join in the fun!  About that time we looked up in the air and saw…not a bird, not superman, but the space shuttle Discovery blasting off!  It was so cool to see.  It is the first launch we have witnessed since living in Florida.  The one time we actually drove over to Cape Canaveral the launch was canceled due to bad weather.  It was a super fun way to end our afternoon!!


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  1. oooooh! that would be so cool to see a REAL blast off! =)
    I LOVE ben’s little hawaiian shirt!

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