Go Ben Go…14 Weeks!!

Ben turned 14 weeks old on Tuesday this week!  It always amazes me to see how much he changes from week to week.  He continues to be quite the conversationalist.  Just this morning I put him in the bouncer by the back sliding glass door so that I could make my breakfast.  When I returned I caught a small bit of a conversation he was having with his rattle!  Speaking of his rattle, he can now grasp it and other similar objects in both his right and left hands.  He can also grab his blanket and pacifier.  He has mastered pulling his pacifier out of his mouth but hasn’t figured out how to put it back in.  So usually he has his pacifier in one hand and with that same hand puts his thumb in his mouth.  Oh, yes, he has learned to suck on his thumb.  Not so sure I like that too much since I won’t be able to take the thumb away later like I can the pacifier, but it is still fun to watch him learn and discover new things!  One of my most favorite things to watch right now are his workouts on the changing table.  Just about every time I put him up there he starts smiling and begins kicking his legs and waving his arms.  He makes some great faces too!  I feel like he is saying, “Wow, look at me mom…look what I can do!!”  Click here to watch the fun!!  He also enjoys smiling at himself in the mirror that hangs above him on his swing. 

I should also note (not sure why I haven’t before since it is such a big part of our lives right now) that Ben is a spitter.  Oh, yes, he is quite the spitter.  Hence the spit up at the end of his conversation video.  In most cases when we video him we catch a spit up or two.  He spits up just about every time after he eats.  We go through lots of burp cloths in a day.  Both Ben and mommy average about 3 outfit changes a day too.  It’s hard not to worry that something might be more seriously wrong since he does spit up so much, but we have spoken with his pediatrician on several occassions now and he continues to assure us it is just “spit up” and nothing more serious.  It also makes us feel better that he is continuing to gain weight.  Our hope is that by the time he is six months old it will magically disappear!  But until then, we try to make the best of it.  We call Ben the happy spitter because in most cases he has a big grin on his face and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all!  Here’s his 14 week old picture!  I love this picture with his little arm pointing out.  We call him our superhero because he loves to do this with both of his arms and we say it looks like he is trying to fly like Superman.     




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2 responses to “Go Ben Go…14 Weeks!!

  1. I love your new header – it gave me a good chuckle. Ok, these videos of your son are ADORABLE! I love how he’s just kicking like crazy in that one video. And what squeezable thighs he has! So precious! I’m pretty sure he’s got more chub than Jackson. And I love it! He really looks a lot like Jake in that video, too. (The face, not the chub) =) ha ha.

    And the superhero arms? Love it!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Love the video. Ben looks like he’s a lot more active these days!

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