Happy 5th Birthday Khloee!!

My niece, Khloee, is turning 5 today!  I called her this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday and she sounded so adorable and cute on the phone!!  I wanted to give her a big birthday squeeze!!  When I said, “Khloee, today is your 5th Birthday…isn’t it exciting!?!” she replied, “I know” in a whisper that was filled with excitement and anticipation of the events still to come today.  She told me about the party she is going to have at Chuck E. Cheese this afternoon!  When we were getting off the phone I told her I would see her in July.  She asked, “Are you going to bring your baby?” and I replied, “Yes!”  She exclaimed, “Yea!  I want to see Baby Ben!”  We can’t wait to see them too!  Happy Birthday, Khloee!!  We love you!  (Here’s a picture of Khloee (left) and Kayla (right) at Christmas last year.)





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3 responses to “Happy 5th Birthday Khloee!!

  1. jill Weikel

    that is too cute. aww my little babies. wait… well Kayla has another two years and we will have a teenager. ummmmmmmm like dad (papa) said it is pay back time.
    Love ya miss you guys,

  2. Hey, Joanna! I just found your blog through Sarah’s site. I love it! Ben is such a little CUTIE. I love his “power to the people!” stance on your header. 😉

    Khloee and Kayla are too stinkin’ cute too! Man, I definitely can see hints of you girls in them. It’s kind of wild, as much time as I spent at your house growing up, seeing everybody’s kiddos now. Craziness!

  3. your neice kayla {from jill

    awwww…… thanks aunt jo i can’t wait to see you and ben.. you should have been thier at landon’s bday party i couldn’t wait to see you Jake i missyou luvvv you soooo much……. kayla!!!!!!

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