Happy Father’s Day!!

A message from Ben:  Ah goo goo, Dada.  Translation:  I love you, Dada.  You are the best Dada in the whole world!!  I hope you like the yard that we had mowed for you and that you had a fun time playing golf yesterday afternoon!  Last but not least, we hope you enjoyed the yummy waffle breakfast in bed this morning!  P.S.  I really enjoyed lunch with you on Friday and visiting you at work.  You have a cool office!
















Happy Father’s Day to these wonderful Dad’s (and soon to be Dad’s) too!!

Opi and Uncle Tim

Grandpa Hamilton

Uncle David







This is one of my favorite pictures of Jake with his Dad.  I wish I could have met him but love to hear all of the great stories about him.  He was a wonderful man and father!  Ben and I look forward to meeting him in heaven!







(From left to right: Matt, Grandpa Froemsdorf, Jake, Jake’s Dad) 



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4 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!!

  1. Your child?


    Seriously. Those pictures of him in the blue onesie with Jake are adorable!

    What a sweet post! Sounds like Jake has had a top notch Father’s Day! Enjoy your day together! Love you guys!

    (wow. I just re-read this and noticed I used a tad too many exclamation points. sorry.)

  2. Aww! Sweet pictures of Ben and Jake. I agree with Sarah, you definitely have one cute kiddo!

    Good to see all the dads and soon-to-be dad. I haven’t seen your mom and Bill in quite awhile. Wow, they look great!

    Happy Day-After Father’s Day to everyone. =)

  3. Oma Leah

    When I think of Joanna I have always thought of the fruits of the spirit – and now I wonder if maybe the translations may have missed one – talent. Because you have that in abundance too. Thank you so much for this blog, so beautifully written and photographed. (Of course it does help that you are such amazing subjects!) It is such a wonderful gift to all of us who love all three of you.

  4. Matt and Yvonne

    The youngest guy in the last picture looks a lot like Ben.

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