Ben’s First BBQ (and Swim…Kind Of)

Our friends, Dave and Nikki, hosted a little BBQ on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Ben’s birth.  It was so much fun!  This was a big day of firsts for Ben…his fist BBQ and his first time to get in a pool!  Nikki made lots of yummy food for us and we had a great time playing on the Nintendo Wii.  Ben wasn’t exactly thrilled to try out the pool and definitely wasn’t interested in feeling the water.  He sure looked cute in his surfer shirt and board shorts though!  As soon as we got in the water it started to sprinkle so we were only able to spend about five minutes testing it out.  For now it seems like Ben is content to splash in his little blue tub at bath time!  Here are a few pics from our fun day!




(From left to right:  Jake and Ben; Christy and David w/ Olivia; Nikki and Dave (their daughters, Kendall and Kalista, were off playing); Jeremy and Amy w/ Austin.)



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3 responses to “Ben’s First BBQ (and Swim…Kind Of)

  1. He looks so cute in his swim gear. =) Looks like a fun group of friends!

  2. Matt

    I have to side with Ben here. I hate swimming.

  3. jill Weikel

    He has gotten so big, Jo. I can’t wait to see you guys you might not get him back… Ok, maybe i will give him back.

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