Discovery Farm

Tonight before bedtime I sat Ben down in his rocking chair so that I could get his crib ready.  Typically before bedtime I hold him and we read a book together before I feed him one last time.  However, tonight he seemed so content to be sitting up like a big boy in his chair that I thought I would let him “hold” the book and read.  We had a great time!  Ben has been very helpful lately when we read books together.  He tries to help hold the book and turn the pages for me.  I hope you have as much fun watching this clip as Ben did “reading” his book called Discovery Farm!



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2 responses to “Discovery Farm

  1. He looks so big sitting in that chair! I love the power slaps that he gives the book every once in a while. Jackson does that too. Just wait until he wants to EAT the book the whole time you’re reading it. It’s like a never-ending game of keep away.

    Very cute video!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Very cute.

    We want another blog update! Ben is a whole week older now since the last update!

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