Dinner With Friends

A couple of days before Ben and I flew out to Arkansas our friends Ryan and Nichole came to visit us for dinner.  We had guacamole burgers, pasta salad, chips and salsa and chocolate cookies with peanutbutter chips.  It was tasty!!  They are such a cute couple and we had a great time catching up!!  They gave us a very nice gift card to honor Ben’s birth!  Thanks, Ryan and Nichole…it was put to good use!!  We also gave them a few gifts for their little girl on the way!!  We know they are going to make great parents and we can’t wait to meet the baby!!  


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  1. Amanda

    Glad that you two are back in Florida. I missed the updates on my nephew. Nichole said she had a great time that night…and she said the salsa was fabulous. Is it REALLY homemade, Jacob? I’d like the recipe. I’m growing lots of tomatoes.

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