A is for Arkansas (Part One)

We returned from Arkansas on Monday afternoon and we were exhausted!  We played very hard and had a great time visiting with friends and family.  It was certainly hard to say goodbye and we miss them bunches!  We are already planning our next trip back in October for the Arkansas v. Florida football game.  Ben and I, along with Dakota, held down the fort at home this week while Jake traveled to Tampa early Tuesday morning and was there for the week to help open a new campus.  We were so happy to see him when he returned home on Friday evening!  Here’s a recap of our trip to Arkansas.

First things first, Ben was a trooper (with a capital “T”) on the airplane.  I really appreciate all of your prayers and could certainly feel them throughout the entire trip!  I sat next to the nicest lady!  She was returning home after visiting her grandchildren for a week so she was happy to have us sitting next to her.  Across the aisle was a man and his wife who was pregnant with their FIFTH child!  Ben was quite the center of attention.  He was all smiles for our neighbors and they kept commenting on how content and happy he was to be sitting on his mama’s lap!  As we got off the plane we got lots of ohhs and ahhs about what a great baby he was!!  As we exited the elevator and rounded the corner, we were so thankful to see Opi and Omi waiting on us!








That afternoon we met up with Jill, David and Khloee for some fun 4th of July activities on the square in downtown Greenwood.  Jill bought a TON of fireworks and we had fun shooting them off.  Jill and Tim have always loved fireworks.  When we were kids Tim would line them up (most likely in alphabetical order) on the trunk in his bedroom days in advance of shooting them off!  I was always more of a sparkler kind of girl (as demonstrated by Khloee below).  Ben was fast asleep long before the fireworks festivities began.









The next day we took a tour of the home my Dad and Linda are building.  They have beautiful windows that line the back of the house offering a spectacular view of the lake down below.  It is a beautiful home and we cannot wait to spend time there!

On Sunday afternoon Lindsey (my step-sister) and her husband Dustin came up to visit.  We also met up with my Aunt Elaine and her family for lunch.  The following day my Dad and I drove to Mena and I got to visit with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve.  Ben also got to meet his cousin, Hunter!  It was so awesome to see everyone!  I wish we would have had more time to spend together! 

The following day I hosted a “Baby Sprinkle” for Sonya at a local restaurant!  We had a great turnout and had a blast!  It was so much fun to be together with such a wonderful group of women and it was a fun way to honor the upcoming birth of Sonya’s second baby!!  (It was also nice to go out without spit up on my shirt or in my hair, not to mention that I wore sequins on my shirt.  The last time I wore sequins was to my high school prom 12 years ago…yes, that’s right I said 12!)


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3 responses to “A is for Arkansas (Part One)

  1. How fun! It was great seeing pictures of all those familiar faces. The house looks beautiful and it looks like you guys had such a good time. I’m so glad that Ben did well on the flight! Hooray!

    Can’t wait to hear more…

  2. nana dranmom omi schulte

    Great job Jo! Keep up the good work. Opi and I enjoy the pictures and the newsletter(especially the pictures of our precious grandchildren). We had a great time with you and Ben Wish it could have been longer with Jake, but we will just take what we can get. Look forward to seeing you again in Oct. Love ya.

  3. jill Weikel

    Hey Jo, those are great. I already miss you guys and little Ben. Khloee the other day asked me when is Aunt Jo bring baby Ben to see me. I told her it wouldn’t be very long and shejust said oh, ok. I’m so sad that Kayla and Landon couldn’t be here to see him, but they will be when you guys are here in October.

    Love ya,

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