Here’s the salsa recipe that Amanda (Jake’s sister) asked for.  Is it homemade???  Well, we consider it homemade because #1) we make it at our home =) and #2) it doesn’t come from a jar.  However, some might consider it semi-homemade since we do not use all fresh ingredients (i.e. canned tomatoes).  But you could certainly use fresh tomatoes!  Either way, this salsa is super tasty and I’m sure you’ll love it too!  It is aways a favorite around our house!  Hope you enjoy!!

5 Simple Ingredients:

1/2 bunch fresh cilantro (pulled from stems and washed)

1/8 red onion

50 shakes Lawry’s garlic salt

1 can diced tomatoes

10-12 jalapeno slices



Combine all ingredients in blender on “chop” until it reaches your desired consistency.  Voila!  All done.  How’s that for easy!?!  Enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips! 

Note:  If you decide to double the recipe, I’ve found that after you add the second can of tomatoes it is best if you add the additional ingredients “to taste” instead of adding double of everything else otherwise it will come out too garlicky and with too much red onion.  One additional tip, I use the Del Monte diced tomatoes with jalapeno and then I don’t have to add additional jalapenos.  Oh, yes, I’ve only made this with Lawry’s garlic salt and it is the only one I would recommend for it to taste just perfect!  Can you tell we take salsa very seriously around our house!?!  =)  Bon Appetit!  


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3 responses to “Salsa

  1. jill Weikel

    yes, this is very good. I think if this is the same one Jo made it when i was there. Very Good!! umm… looks good Jo.

  2. Amanda

    Joanna…you are a fabulous sister-in-law! Thank you for the recipe!

  3. I’ll have to try this. The fact that you wrote FIFTY shakes of garlic salt is really funny to me. That takes some concentration to remember what number you’re on…=)

    It looks fabulous!

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