Mama Mia

Last night I met up with some of the mamas (Katy, Christy L., Christy S., Carissa and Debra) from playgroup for a fun girls night out!  We left the kiddos at home with their daddies and we went to watch Mama Mia.  The theater was packed with women (not surprising) and I did see at least two men.  My guess is that one might have been on a first date trying to woo his girl and the second was an older gentleman who most likely lost a bet to his wife.  =)  The movie was hysterical and a real treat for many of us that hadn’t been to a movie in what feels like a really long time!  So, if you haven’t seen this movie, call up your girlfriends and go see it!!  Just be prepared to have the song Mama Mia stuck in your head for the next 24 or so hours!

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  1. Matt and Yvonne

    Haven’t seen the movie, but we got to take Mom (Leah) to see the stage version a couple of years back. You should check it out the next time you’re in Vegas.

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