5 Months







Ben turned 5 months old on Saturday (7/26)!!  We had so much fun taking these photos!  As you can see, he was mostly interested in trying to suck on his cool plaid pants, the fuzzy wuzzy dots on the rocking chair and his yummy fingers!!  I bet you can’t guess what he’s been up to lately!?!  That’s right…exploring everything with his mouth!  He has even started this new thing where he puts his fingers in his mouth and blows.  It makes this interesting noise that he finds quite fascinating!  Click here to listen for yourself!

When we were visiting my friend, Sonya, in Arkansas, Ben got to play with a cool mirror attached to the inside of the crib that he napped in.  He really seemed to like playing with it!  So when we returned home I picked one up for him.  The first day I decided to hang it at the end of the crib where I usually lay his head when I put him down for nap time and bedtime.  When I put him to bed that night all he wanted to do was play with it so I had to take it out of the crib.  Needless to say, he was not a happy camper.  The next day I moved it to the opposite end of the crib.  Now it works out much better for everyone!  Check out this cute clip.

Last but certainly not least, tonight he rolled over AGAIN for the second time all by himself!!  This time Jake and I both got to see him in action!



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6 responses to “5 Months

  1. Matt and Yvonne

    Very cute! But he’s growing up way too fast! We really hope we get to see him in person before he grows up much more.

    Our contract here in Asia expires the day before Jake’s 33rd birthday. Hopefully we’ll get to visit Florida again not too long after that, and maybe then all of us could introduce Ben to Disney World?!?!

  2. I love that first picture…he looks so grown up! I can’t believe he’s five months already. Yikes! I NEED to see this little man!

  3. Oma Leah

    Matt, Are you sure that’s not Jake’s 32nd birthday? I know that YOU are the math guy, but if I’m not mistaken, Ben will will be reciting Maupassant in French and doing his trigonomic functions when Jake turns 33….. You need to grab your lovely wife and come home, son! If it’s going to be another year, I think maybe we all will descend on you.

    Oma (That’s Dutch!) Leah

  4. Matt and Yvonne

    Yes, I meant Jake’s 32nd birthday, it was a typo. Really!

  5. Oma Leah

    Matt – I am sooooo glad you have a sense of humor !!

  6. Matt and Yvonne

    Speaking of words in Dutch, check your e-mail, Mom. I think Jan and Jenny De Vries are trying to reach you, if “waar woont Lia Froemsdorf” means “where is Leah” like I think it does.

    Jake and Joanna, sorry if I’m turning your blog into a personal chat room. I’ll stop now.

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