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The Dinner A’Fare

(Joanna, Christy, Nikki, Amy, Me, Trish)








 Last night a few of us went out for Girls Night Out to The Dinner A’Fare.  Until recently I had never heard of this place, but many of the girls in the neighborhood had lots of good things to say about it so I decided to check it out too!  Here’s how it works:  select the number and type of meals you want on-line before you arrive, upon arrival you get a fun apron to wear and a glass of wine (if you wish) along with a checklist of the meals you signed up for, then you simply travel to each station and follow the instructions posted regarding the type and amount of ingredients that go into each Ziploc baggie, once you complete a meal you travel over to the saran wrap station and wrap it up tight along with a cute label with the name of the entree and cooking instructions, finally you pop it into the refrigerator marked with your name until you are ready to go!  Very simple and so much fun!  We had a great time chit chatting while preparing our meals for the entire week in just two hours!  Jake and I had the Bistro Steak with Walnut Gorgonzola Butter tonight and it was yummy!  Here’s their website if you’d like to find one in your area!    

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He Likes It, He Likes It Not

With great gusto and excitement we offered Ben rice cereal this week for the first time!!  For the last week leading up to the big event we’ve given Ben a bowl, spoon and sippy cup to explore during our meal times and he really seemed to enjoy it.  So on the big day we gave him his own bowl and spoon to “use” while we fed him.  We really expected him to take one bite and refuse to take any additional spoonfuls, however, we were pleasantly surprised when he ate the ENTIRE BOWL of cereal!  He seemed pretty excited about the whole experience as seen here!  We had several moments of laughter while watching Ben’s eyes go crossed as he followed the spoon a-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l the way into his mouth.  He also had fun splashing in the puddles of cereal that managed to escape his mouth and land on the tray!










So with that same gusto and excitement the following day, I mixed up the cereal, put Ben in his Bumbo seat, attached the tray and was prepared to land the airplane in the hanger for the second time in a row.  Wahoo!  It turns out that Ben had other plans for his rice cereal that day and it did not involve entering his mouth whatsoever!  You can click here for the clip.  This picture sums up exactly what he thought of the rice cereal that day!  (P.S.  Six month update coming soon!)     


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Stone Schmone







I am so happy to report that everything went really really well today with my kidney stone procedure!  Thanks so much to each of you that have been praying for me.  I can certainly feel your prayers and have watched as the specific things prayed for were answered throughout the day!  First off, our drive to the doctor’s office was amazingly easy.  We planned for an hour and made it in about 30 minutes which is absolutely unheard of for I-4 during rush hour.  While standing in the dressing room putting on my beautiful open-back hospital gown I overheard a nurse telling the husband of a patient that his wife had been taken to recovery however she was throwing up AGAIN.  This was a little unsettling as I was getting geared up for the same procedure.  The anesthesiologist even told me that most people do experience nausea/vomiting after the procedure.  I am happy to report that I have not been the slightest bit nauseated!  Wahoo!  After the nurse anesthetist pushed the sedation medication into my IV and started to wheel me away to the operating room I asked him if it was normal to feel drowsy already and he smiled and said yes.  The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room feeling nice and relaxed!  My nurses, Lisa and Sherry, were both wonderful and my doctor had lots of positive things to say about the procedure.  I will return to his office in a couple of weeks for a follow-up.  For now I am treating the mild pain with medication and am straining my crimson colored urine with the hopes of finding a little remnant of stone so that it can be analyzed to determine what exactly caused the stones.  I was not able to eat or drink anything after midnight last night.  As you can imagine I was starving after the procedure and had my heart set on a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake from Steak n’ Shake, however, I was sadly informed that I am not allowed to eat things like that today.  So I settled for a turkey sandwich and bottle of water instead.  Thank you all again so much for thinking of me today!  Thanks to my hubby for sitting by my side at the hospital and for helping out a ton with Ben this afternoon!!  Thanks also to Christy for watching Ben!  I’m off to take a nap!


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Video Fun!

Here are a few random videos we’ve taken of Ben over the last several weeks.

This one we call “Superben”: (The lighting isn’t the best on this video so I hope you can see it okay.  Ben’s favorite mode of transportation around the house is flying!  We often make Dakota our landing pad which adds for extra excitement and thankfully Dakota is a pretty good sport about the whole thing and doesn’t seem to mind too much!) 

This one we call “Teeter Totter”:  (I love the look on his face when he leans into the camera on “totter”!)

And this one we call “Mama Dada”:  (No he can’t say our names, but he gets the biggest smile on his face when you say them!)


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Baby Raegan Has Arrived!

Andrew, Sonya and big sis Laynee welcomed the newest addition to their family today…Baby Raegan!!  Sonya delivered her naturally (that’s right, no drugs…way to go Sonya!!!) bright and early this morning at 4:22 AM.  I spoke to Sonya earlier today and she sounded great and so happy!  She is recovering nicely and the baby is healthy!!  Congratulations, Post family!!!  Here are her stats and photos:

Name:  Raegan Joeanna (Raegan’s middle name is after her Grandpa Joe, her Great Grandma Joanne and yours truly!  I am so honored, sniff, sniff!) 

Weight:  7 pounds, 15 ounces

Length:  19 inches long

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Ahh, A Day At The Spa!







Yesterday I decided to cash in on my “day at the spa” gift from my husband!!  I started out the afternoon at Cascata (by the way, if you click on their website you can listen to nice relaxing spa music) for an AMAZING Aromatherapy massage using jasmine.  It smelled wonderful and was quite possibly one of the best massages I have ever received!  Next up was a pedicure!  As you can see from the picture, the guy did a great job and as an added bonus, I’ll have pretty feet for my surgery on Wednesday! 

(Let me digress for a minute.  I’m not sure why, but I always like for my toes to look pretty when I go in for medical exams or procedures.  This was especially true when I delivered Ben!  Like they are really looking at my feet!  But for whatever reason, this makes me feel much better!)

Back to my four hours of fun!  After the pedicure I made a quick stop by Starbucks for a skinny, decaf, easy on the ice, no whip grande iced mocha.  De-lish!  My final stop was a quick jaunt into Gymboree.  These days I find myself shopping for Ben way more than I ever do for anyone else (including me).  Kids clothes are so stinkin’ cute!!  Plus with the 40% off back to school sale along with my 20% off coupon…I had to stop by!  When I returned home my husband had even made out a grocery list (including five meals for the week) and went grocery shopping!!  He definitely deserves hubby and dada of the year!


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Batten Down The Hatches

Jake and I feel very blessed that during our time here in Florida we have not had to endure a bad hurricane season.  About two months before we moved here in 2005, Hurricane Wilma ripped through Florida causing a ton of damage.  It’s that busy time of year again for storm season and with all of the news about Tropical Storm Fay we thought we better get prepared.  You know the old adage, better safe than sorry.  Ben and I just returned from running some errands.  Who wants to be caught in a hurricane with no face wash!  Eww, the horror!  My pores would certainly not approve.  Not to worry, we are stocked up on things that were recommended for our disaster supplies kit (i.e. bottled water, batteries, groceries and we made sure to fill the car up with gas)!  At least 5 counties in the area have already canceled school for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Since the storms through central Florida are supposed to be most severe on those days I contacted my doctor’s office this afternoon regarding my surgery scheduled for Wednesday.  I was told that for now they will take it one day at a time and will contact me early Wednesday morning if the procedure will be canceled.  The last thing we want to do is drive down I-4 in hurricane force winds…that’s not a fun drive on a sunny day!  Let the rains begin…it just started pouring outside.  If you would like to track the storm for yourself, click here

It’s been a week since I wrote this post and the torrential rains have finally come to an end…at least for now.  We are happy to see sunshine again in the sunshine state.  Below is a video filmed from our back porch during the height of Tropical Storm Fay…Ben’s first tropical storm!!


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