A Case of Mistaken Identity

It occurred at approximately 2:30 this afternoon at our local grocery store.  Ben and I were patiently waiting for the nice lady behind the deli counter to finish slicing our Muenster cheese when a sweet little old man stopped by our cart.  He was making baby talk with Ben when he said, “You sure have beautiful eyes, you’re gonna have lots of them chasing after you with those eyes.”  He then looked up at me and said, “It is a girl, isn’t it?”  I politely smiled and said, “No, his name is Ben.”  The little old man gave me a sheepish grin, said “oh” and off he went with his shopping.    I guess he didn’t notice the blue onesie or bib that Ben was sporting today.  Oh, well.  I found the whole thing quite humorous and I think Ben did too…he was all smiles for the little old man.  That was a first!



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3 responses to “A Case of Mistaken Identity

  1. Old people always say funny things…good for you, having a good attitude about it. I vote you write (in sharpie) on his forehead “BOY”, just in case.


  2. Oma Leah

    Or you could use a brown one (sharpie) and draw him a little goatee to match his daddys’….

    Oh, Joanna, I love what you do here. Sharing smiles and making smiles !

  3. Loved Oma Leah’s comment. I definitely vote “yes” on the little goatee. =)

    People are funny. Sophie was head-to-toe pink and frills one time when a sweet little old man asked how old “he” was.

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