Kidney + Stones = Not So Pleasant

Here’s an update on those kidney stones I mentioned previously.  Since our return from Arkansas about a month ago I have been in and out of doctors’ offices (four appointments just last week) for follow-up including lab work and imaging.  I found out that the kidney stones are in fact too large to pass on their own and will require a procedure called Lithotripsy to literally blast them apart.  No kidding, the urologist actually said, “You know that sonic boom that rattles the windows when the shuttle takes off…it’s kind of like that.”  My next question to him was, “Do you think we can put this off for a few months?”  The thought of a shuttle launch blasting through my body just didn’t seem that appealing.  Of course, he said we needed to take care of them ASAP since they are “metabolically active”.  So, I received a phone call this week from the super nice nurse at the outpatient surgery center confirming my procedure for Wednesday of next week.  Here’s a quick run down of the nice and not so nice things about this procedure and kidney stones. 


  1. I have stones in both kidneys, however, they can only blast one kidney at a time or it can cause kidney failure.  So approximately one month from the first procedure I will have to return for a second.
  2. The doctor said that on thinner women the blast will often go completely through them causing severe bruising.
  3. I was also told to expect approximately two days of pretty severe pain (similar to what I was experiencing before I left for Arkansas) after the procedure.  Thankfully, I’ll have some pain meds to help me through this!


  1. So far I have not had to take any medications that prevent me from breastfeeding Ben.  As you can imagine this was a huge concern for me…one in which I have lost sleep and tears over.  It appears that it will only be temporarily interrupted after the procedure due to the anesthesia.  This is a HUGE answer to prayer.
  2. Kidney stones are said to be more painful than delivering a baby!  I am happy to report that I have not had to experience pain with my kidney stones quite that severe yet and we should be able to get rid of them before that happens!  There should be a rule that says you cannot deliver a baby and have kidney stones within six months of each other…that’s just too much pain!
  3. When I asked the doctor (in his professional opinion) what caused the stones he said, “your baby, oh yes, kids can cause lots of trouble even kidney stones.”  He said that he actually sees a lot of pregnant women in my same situation however there is no treatment for them until they deliver the baby.  I consider myself very blessed to have to deal with this after giving birth and not during my pregnancy…I seriously cannot imagine the pain these women must be in!
  4. My friend, Christy, is going to watch Ben for me while I am having the procedure.  Christy and her family attend our church and her daughter Olivia is in our playgroup on Wednesday mornings.  Thank you, Christy!! 
  5. Jake will be taking some time off to be with me during the procedure and to help me out with Ben for a couple of days until I recover. 

We could certainly use your prayers, specifically:  that the procedure will go well, recovery will be swift and that caring for Ben will not be interrupted too much (if at all)!



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4 responses to “Kidney + Stones = Not So Pleasant

  1. waltandannie

    This is not a very fun post to have to write on your birthday. Sorry about the kidney stones, man… that’s no good.
    Glad that you’ll be getting them taken care of soon.

    Love from Germany.

  2. Man…bummer! Although I have to say, very entertaining post. You made kidney stones funny. Loved the title. Hee.

    Hope the procedure goes well. We’ll pray you’re on the mend soon. Pain killers are mighty nice, by the way. With them (and Jake) on your side, you’ll be good to go! =)

  3. Oma Leah

    Well, I was looking forward to seeing you feature yourself on your birthday, but that wasn’t exactly what I had expected. Never thought there were ‘down sides’ to being slim – live and learn. It’s wonderful how things have worked for you and Ben, though, and I’m so glad you have such wonderful friends to support you. Love you, Oma Leah

  4. jill Weikel

    Jo, you are in my prayers. I know with talking to you that you have had some concerns and just know I’m here if you need me just call and i will come. I’m serious. Khloee will be starting her first week of school on Monday just pray that i will handle it ok. i tend to think about it and start tearing up.
    Love ya,

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