Baby Raegan Has Arrived!

Andrew, Sonya and big sis Laynee welcomed the newest addition to their family today…Baby Raegan!!  Sonya delivered her naturally (that’s right, no drugs…way to go Sonya!!!) bright and early this morning at 4:22 AM.  I spoke to Sonya earlier today and she sounded great and so happy!  She is recovering nicely and the baby is healthy!!  Congratulations, Post family!!!  Here are her stats and photos:

Name:  Raegan Joeanna (Raegan’s middle name is after her Grandpa Joe, her Great Grandma Joanne and yours truly!  I am so honored, sniff, sniff!) 

Weight:  7 pounds, 15 ounces

Length:  19 inches long


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  1. Yea! Congratulations to the Post family. What a cute name!

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