Video Fun!

Here are a few random videos we’ve taken of Ben over the last several weeks.

This one we call “Superben”: (The lighting isn’t the best on this video so I hope you can see it okay.  Ben’s favorite mode of transportation around the house is flying!  We often make Dakota our landing pad which adds for extra excitement and thankfully Dakota is a pretty good sport about the whole thing and doesn’t seem to mind too much!) 

This one we call “Teeter Totter”:  (I love the look on his face when he leans into the camera on “totter”!)

And this one we call “Mama Dada”:  (No he can’t say our names, but he gets the biggest smile on his face when you say them!)



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3 responses to “Video Fun!

  1. HI ! What a special find tonight, your video’s. I really think Ben saw me in Ark!
    Love ya, Mom and Grandma Hamilton

  2. cuuuute! what a sweetheart. the teeter totter face is hilarious!

  3. praying for you today…let us know how it went.

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