He Likes It, He Likes It Not

With great gusto and excitement we offered Ben rice cereal this week for the first time!!  For the last week leading up to the big event we’ve given Ben a bowl, spoon and sippy cup to explore during our meal times and he really seemed to enjoy it.  So on the big day we gave him his own bowl and spoon to “use” while we fed him.  We really expected him to take one bite and refuse to take any additional spoonfuls, however, we were pleasantly surprised when he ate the ENTIRE BOWL of cereal!  He seemed pretty excited about the whole experience as seen here!  We had several moments of laughter while watching Ben’s eyes go crossed as he followed the spoon a-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l the way into his mouth.  He also had fun splashing in the puddles of cereal that managed to escape his mouth and land on the tray!










So with that same gusto and excitement the following day, I mixed up the cereal, put Ben in his Bumbo seat, attached the tray and was prepared to land the airplane in the hanger for the second time in a row.  Wahoo!  It turns out that Ben had other plans for his rice cereal that day and it did not involve entering his mouth whatsoever!  You can click here for the clip.  This picture sums up exactly what he thought of the rice cereal that day!  (P.S.  Six month update coming soon!)     



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3 responses to “He Likes It, He Likes It Not

  1. Those videos are hilarious. I love that he gagged himself with his spoon in the first one. so funny! He looks like such a big boy sitting up in the Bumbo! Isn’t the rice cereal a pain when it’s so thin and runny? I think I had more trouble getting it to Jackson’s mouth than he did eating it. He is so precious, you guys! And I see a little of you, Jo, in him in those pictures. Wish we could see him in person…I want to squeeze those legs!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    I can’t say that I blame him. Just because I like a certain kind of food doesn’t mean I want to eat it again if I already had it yesterday.

    Cute video clips!

  3. jill Weikel

    those are so cute. How fun. I remember those feedings with Kayla, Landon and Khloee. I wish I can go back to that young age with them they grow up fast, Jo.

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