The Dinner A’Fare

(Joanna, Christy, Nikki, Amy, Me, Trish)








 Last night a few of us went out for Girls Night Out to The Dinner A’Fare.  Until recently I had never heard of this place, but many of the girls in the neighborhood had lots of good things to say about it so I decided to check it out too!  Here’s how it works:  select the number and type of meals you want on-line before you arrive, upon arrival you get a fun apron to wear and a glass of wine (if you wish) along with a checklist of the meals you signed up for, then you simply travel to each station and follow the instructions posted regarding the type and amount of ingredients that go into each Ziploc baggie, once you complete a meal you travel over to the saran wrap station and wrap it up tight along with a cute label with the name of the entree and cooking instructions, finally you pop it into the refrigerator marked with your name until you are ready to go!  Very simple and so much fun!  We had a great time chit chatting while preparing our meals for the entire week in just two hours!  Jake and I had the Bistro Steak with Walnut Gorgonzola Butter tonight and it was yummy!  Here’s their website if you’d like to find one in your area!    


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