I Think I Can…

For the past week or so Ben has been trying to crawl.  This typically involves smushing his face into the ground while attempting to push off with both legs.  While striving to reach for the toy in front of him he often pushes himself backward.  Needless to say, tummy time has turned into a bit of frustration time for him lately.  We just make sure to cheer him on as much as possible and give him lots of hugs when the frustration is just too much!  Here’s a clip of him hard at work:

We also attended our first Mother Goose on the Loose at our local library this week!  I expected to sit and watch a sweet little librarian read Mother Goose nursery rhymes or at the most watch a puppet read them to us.  I was pleasantly surprised when we not only got to see puppets, but we also got to march in a circle, beat on a tambourine, jingle hand bells, wave pieces of cloth in the air and recite all kinds of nursery rhymes.  I have to admit I did feel a little like Milli Vanilli at times because I was sort of lip-synching some of the nursery rhymes…I’ll definitely need to brush up on these a bit before we return!  I’m sure I had that dumbfounded look on my face when the enthusiastic leader lady asked us to recite the nursery rhymes out loud while bouncing our kids on our legs AND doing hand motions all at the same time!  Whew…it was quite the workout, but loads of fun for Ben!   We can’t wait to go back!


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  1. so sweet! i love when he just goes face down and lays there for a minute. that’s really cute!

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