More Video Fun!

We set up the jumper for Ben last weekend.  As you can see in the video…he LOVED it!!  We were laughing so much while watching him.  He is great entertainment!  Watch out Lord of the Dance…here comes Ben!!! 

I love this next clip of Ben in his rocking chair.  I often sit him there right before bedtime and give him a book to play with while I get the crib ready.  On this particular night he started chatting up a storm so I had to run and get the camera.  As you will see in the clip he loves it when I talk about his “piggies.”  It doesn’t matter if I actually touch his toes or not, he gets a big grin on his face and begins to squeal as soon as I say, “This little piggy went to the market…”!

This last clip shows Dakota giving Ben sweet kisses.  Dakota is much more interested in licking Ben’s face and hands ALL THE TIME now that he has started eating solid foods.  It doesn’t matter if Ben has just eaten or not, Dakota is always looking for leftovers!

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One response to “More Video Fun!

  1. These are so great! The jumper one is hilarious. I love how he’s pointing his right foot … such a graceful ballerina. I want to EAT his chubby legs. I love them!

    The one of Dakota licking him is funny too. Lucy is always doing that. Jackson thinks it’s fun now to reach his hands out (while he’s eating dinner) for Lucy to lick his hands in between courses. Oh my. These boys love their doggies, don’t they?

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