Goin’ to Carolina

We are leaving tomorrow morning for our first family road trip to Columbia, SC.  Jake is actually going there for work and Ben and I are tagging along.  Remington College is opening a new campus there and Jake is responsible for coordinating all of the efforts going on inside the building to prepare it for opening day!  Ben and I plan to play in the pool at the hotel and to visit some area attractions.   We’ll make sure to tell you all about our trip when we return home next Saturday!  Here’s one of my favorite James Taylor tunes for you to listen to while we are gone (okay, so the video is a little cheesy…I was having trouble finding a clip of this song)!  Enjoy!

P.S.  Many of you know that I had my second kidney stone procedure this week (on Thursday) to blast the stone in my left kidney.  This procedure seemed to be a bit rougher on my body than last time.  Basically for the entire afternoon after the surgery I laid around feeling pretty puke-ish.  Thankfully by the evening the nausea had subsided and I was able to get some sleep.  When the nurse from the hospital called yesterday morning to check on me I related to her that my back was still pretty swollen and I was feeling a lot of pain.  She replied, “Well, it is like you received about 2,000 kicks to your back…you’ll probably have some pain for a while!”  So for now it looks like I’ll continue my meds to help ease the pain of the bruising and lump on my back.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers, calls and e-mails!

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