Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah!

Sarah and Jackson











My cousin, Sarah, turned 30 today!!  Sarah and I have known each other all our lives.  We were born about a month and a half apart and we grew up together in the same small town in Arkansas.  Sarah is a super special girl and I’m very thankful to have her in my life.  She also has a precious little family so make sure to click on her name above and check out her awesome blog.  Also, click here to check out a very special web page her husband, Dave, put together for her as a surprise…it’s very sweet!  Happy Birthday, Sarah!  I’ve been thinking about you lots today (and wanted to get this posted earlier, it’s just been a bit of a crazy busy day!)  Love you lots!!

Jill, Tim, Annie, Sarah, Molly, Me









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One response to “Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah!

  1. jill Weikel

    oh, my word i laughed so hard with that picture… i’m still laughing. Happy B-day, Sarah. We love you guys so much. Have a good day.


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