Adventures in Arkansas

Whew!  The last two weeks have felt like a bit of a whirlwind, but a very fun whirlwind!!  Ben and I had a great time visiting with our friends and family back in Arkansas for a week!  We kicked the trip off just right by having our entire row of seats on the plane to ourselves.  Ben, in his usual self, was quite the social butterfly.  We had visitors stopping by (some even taking advantage of our open seats) to chat with him for a while.  Ben was very happy to see Uncle Tim when we arrived!!








After we grabbed our luggage, Ben and I made our way to the baby changing station in the women’s restroom.  While I was changing him a little white haired woman approached and gushed, “I do declare, what a purr-ecious baybee!”  No kidding, she actually said, “I do declare!!”  She hung out with us the ENTIRE  time we were there.  She even insisted on helping me out of the restroom by offering to carry the baby bag to which I politely replied, “no thanks.”  Maybe I was being a little ridiculous by not trusting this woman, but for some reason all that was running through my mind was the movie Cloak and Dagger and the little white headed lady in that movie proved to be quite the villain.  For those of you that have seen this movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about!!   

Next stop:  Omi and Opi’shouse!!  Ben had lots of fun with Opi at dinner time, as seen here.  Plus, we enjoyed Tuesday evening together at their church, First Baptist Lavaca.  It just so happened to be teenage night during the revival that week in which they gave away a truck to one lucky teenager.  It was pretty funny to watch the youth director interact with the kids (side-note: it takes a special person and a WHOLE LOT of energy to be a youth director!!), plus it was incredible to see so many come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!  It was awesome!! 

We also had lots of fun checking up on the status of their new home…it is coming along quite nicely!!

Before heading back up to NWA, Ben and I spent an evening eating yummy barbecue with Andrew, Sonya, Laynee and Raegan.  It was so nice to spend some time together and I loved getting to see Baby Raegan for the first time.  She is so precious!!

My dad left for Fairbanks, Alaska, bright and early on Wednesday morning  to work at a pharmacy there for a week, and Ben and I made our way back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in NWA.  Ben had a blast with Grandpa and Grandma!








My mom and I spent Friday cooking all kinds of yummy treats for Candice’s baby shower on Saturday.  The shower was such a fun day to celebrate Candice and Baby Laci!  She had a great turnout and got lots of baby stuff!!  Here’s Candice with the hostesses at the shower!







Candice, Lindsey, Jill, Linda and Me.  Candice’s baby bump is the cutest!!  Baby Laci is one active little girl!








Jill, Mom, Ben and Kayla.  My niece, Kayla, and nephew, Landon, got to meet Ben for the first time!!  It was so much fun to see them together.  It was great to have Kayla at the shower too!  (Ben napped through the entire shower which made it so much easier on me…thank you, Ben!!)








Here’s a pic of us with Kristy and Stiles.  Kristy was so nice to host the shower at her house.  Stiles is about one month older than Ben…he’s a little cutie with his head full of red hair!  He and Ben had a fun time hanging out together!

Here we are after the shower in Baby Laci’s ADORABLE baby room!!  We had fun looking at and organizing the loot from the shower!! 








Saturday was also Andrew’s 30th Birthday.  After the shower we celebrated with a yummy cookie cake before they headed out to a birthday dinner with friends!  Click here to see the fun!!

Ben had lots of fun at Uncle Tim and Aunt Candice’s house.  Uncle Tim was an awesome babysitter while Candice and I worked on baby stuff.  Ben loved to talk with Uncle Tim.  Click here to listen.  He also loved it when Uncle Tim took him outside to visit with Max and Gracie, their dogs.  Here’s Gracie loving on Ben!








It’s amazing how fast a week can fly by and before we knew it departure day had arrived.  Here’s Mom and Bill at the airport with Ben.  We were sad to leave, but excited to see DaDa!  We look forward to our next visit in November for Thanksgiving and the arrival of Baby Laci!!








Updated (10/21):  I forgot to mention a really cool movie I saw when we were in Fayetteville.  Tim and Candice invited me to join them, along with their community group, to see the movie Fireproof.  Click here to see the trailer and then go see it!!!  You won’t be disappointed.  One tip for the ladies…don’t forget your Kleenex!  =)



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2 responses to “Adventures in Arkansas

  1. ok. it looks like you had WAY too much fun! sounds like your week was packed. i’m sure everyone loved seeing you. the shower looked great and ms. candice looks wonderful! what a beautiful pregnant lady! the room is adorable, love the bedding. i know you guys had so much fun organizing everything. it’s all so exciting – getting stuff ready for that little bundle to come. i love it!
    everybody looks great – it’s fun to see pictures of all of the family. the one that blew me away was kayla. wow. how can she be that big? she is beautiful!
    thanks for the great update. i felt like i was almost there. it really made me miss all of you guys. (sniff)
    it’s time to plan our cousins’ reunion.


  2. I love your new picture of Ben in the hat. How precious is that! He looks so grown up!

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