Aunt Amanda and Mr. Joe

Jake’s sister, Amanda, and her boyfriend, Joe, came for a visit the day after Ben and I arrived home from Arkansas!!  This was Ben’s first time to meet them both and he took to them immediately!  We had so much fun during their visit!  Here’s a recap:

On Wednesday we were off to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  This was the first visit to Epcot for Jake and me, and it was Ben’s first time at an amusement park!  He did AWESOME!!  He even rode on a water ride.  It was a safe “family” ride and he loved riding in the boat!!  

Amanda, Joe and Ben crammed into the back of my TL on our way down to the park.  Sorry, guys, not too much leg room back there!


Here we are in front of the huge ball (it probably has a name, but I’m not sure what it is called) at the entrance of the park.  I’ve always admired this thing from afar so it was fun to see it up close.









Here we are enjoying the yummy cuisine.  Jake and I started off the festival with Kielbasa and Potato Pierogies from Krakos, Poland, while Amanda and Joe tried out the Spanakopita from Athens, Greece.  Both were very tasty!








Next up was Istanbul, Turkey for Pistachio Baklava…very yummy, very sweet!!!  I promise not to list every dish we tried, but I do have to mention that we had a very yummy frozen orange drink.  It was de-lish and just what we needed to help cool us off.  We actually didn’t even try any wine at the food and wine festival, but we definitely had our share of the cuisine!!  (Side note:  The cute little hat and shorts that Ben is sporting in the pic below was a gift from Oma, Jake’s mom.  Thanks, Oma!!)








Ben loved watching all of the people and grooving to the music at the park.  Check out his dancing skills below:

We stopped by The Pearville Fair and had lots of fun standing in front of this cool mirror.  (Note:  Ben was snoozing in his stroller at this point, hence, he is not shown in the picture…it wasn’t like we left him on a bench somewhere napping.)  Amanda and Joe, I think I have a few extra Pearville coins if you happened not to get one!!!








While Jake, Joe and Amanda went to ride Mission: SPACE and Test Track, Ben and I had a little shopping to do.  You can’t visit a Walt Disney World theme park for the very first time and not purchase a set of Mickey Mouse ears!!!







The following afternoon we went for a visit to The Central Florida Zoo!! 








Ben was very excited to watch the birds fly close by and to hear them chirp.  Check out the clip below!  These sweet birds also gave him a very nice present for visiting the zoo.  Oh, yes, one pooped right on his super yummy teether.  Not to worry, it received a nice sanitizing bath when we returned home!!!

We saw a big scary alligator:








And all kinds of slithering snakes (Ben was very brave!!):








And ferocious leopards:








And silly monkeys:








We had lots of fun playing games with Joe and Amanda too.  For those of you that thought I was quite the competitor when it comes to playing games, you haven’t played with Amanda!!  She won every hand of poker, not just won, she smoked us!  She did mention that she is going to Vegas this week for “work.”  Now I am wondering what kind of work she does exactly!!  Also, she was very sneaky when we played Scattergories.  All I’m going to say here is that if anyone is looking for a “mojito maker” at Linens ‘n Things, you aren’t going to find one.  Nice try though, Amanda! 

I should also note that we heard Ben say, “mana”…translation, Manda.  I’m pretty sure Aunt Amanda was very proud!! 

Not long after Joe flew back home (Amanda got to stay a few extra days to see her friend Nichole and the new baby, Cameron) we received the coolest Razorback stuff in the mail for Ben.  Seriously, he looks so stinkin’ cute and grown up in it!!  Ben sends a BIG THANKS for his Razorback ball cap, shirt and jersey!!









Amanda and Joe, thank you so much for flying across the country (literally…from Washington State to Florida) to see us.  We miss you already and look forward to planning our trip out to see you next summer!  We love you!!


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  1. Matt and Yvonne

    We wish we could have been there!

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