8 Months









Our sweet little bundle (who is getting so very big…weighing in at a little over 19 pounds) turned eight months old on the 26th of this month!  Ben is incredibly energetic and loads of fun!  And when he’s super excited, he has the most contagious laugh.  We are blessed, very very blessed!  Here’s what he’s been up to:

  • Two weeks ago he ran a fever for a day and half and woke up about every hour or so through the night.  This was a big jolt to Jake and me since Ben has been sleeping 10-12 hours continuously through the night since he was about three months old.  After his nose became very stuffy we were worried that he had a cold or was getting sick.  Then about a week later, we discovered what these symptoms were all about.  He has two precious little baby teeth coming in!!  Slowly but surely they are making their way up and we can just barely see them now!
  • He is one chatty guy.  His favorite sound by far is a continuous stream of “da da da da da” that can be heard when he’s supposed to be eating, should be napping, sometimes while playing, and often when riding in the car.  He also enjoys saying “blah blah blah” and “la la la.”  Last but certainly not least he says “ma ma” now!!  His favorite time to say “ma ma” is when he’s tired, hungry, upset…you get the picture.  And while he says “da da” in the cutest darn coo I’ve ever heard, “ma ma” is usually said while crying or on the verge of crying.  Go figure!  Click here to listen to Ben.
  • He is the strongest eight month old I know.  Seriously, it amazes me how muscular his little arms and legs are.  Our friend Jeremy likes to say that Ben has “arms like Popeye!”
  • He loves to read the book called “Hello Big Red” with Jake at night.  This is a book that Uncle Tim bought for him, thanks Uncle Tim!  When I was reading it to him last night (Jake is in Cleveland for a couple of days) he kept turning back to the cover of the book and smushing his face up against Big Red’s picture.  It was very cute!  Click here for a clip of Ben and dada reading together.
  • He loves to splish-splash in the bath.  Click here.
  • It looks like Ben’s spit-up might be a thing of the past!  Wahoo!  This has been such a wonderful blessing!  It is AMAZING how life changes once you don’t have to worry about or clean up spit-up numerous times a day.  I find myself (out of habit) continuing to put a bib on him all the time.   
  • It’s like a whole new world has been opened up to him now that he is sitting so good on his own.  Click here to see.  Plus, he is working really hard at trying to crawl.  I’ve seen a big improvement in his arm and leg coordination over the last week, but he still gets frustrated when he pushes himself in the opposite direction of where he wants to go.  Although he’s not crawling just yet, he is quite skilled at rolling wherever he needs to go…it’s impressive!

  •  He is using his high chair for meal times:








  • And we now have to comb this beautiful hair in the morning and after naps:










  • He received an early Christmas present from Opi and Omi last week, a car seat!!!  He is quickly approaching the weight and height limit on his infant carrier.  Ben sends a  big THANK YOU to Opi and Omi for the wonderful gift!  Here’s Ben opening his present:









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    2 responses to “8 Months

    1. Matt and Yvonne

      Very cute! He always looks so happy, as long as he isn’t surrounded by pumpkins or wearing a lion costume.

    2. Matt and Yvonne

      And one other thing… I hate to admit this, but it looks like Ben now has the best head of hair of any male Froemsdorf. 😦

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