King of the Jungle








What do you get when you take seven kids (eighteen months and younger), dress them in Halloween costumes and put them in a room together?  A couple things come to my mind.  Chaos for the mommies and meltdowns for the babies!!  Today is a day I personally will never forget…it was the Halloween Party at playgroup!  Despite a few upset moments, we had a great time and it was hysterical to see all the kiddos in their costumes!!







Trying to get a group photo was an impossible task.  The three kids behind the couch (yes, that includes our precious boy) were having meltdowns while sitting so we opted for a calmer “back of the couch” approach.  The calm lasted for only a few sweet moments before the crying ensued.  I’m pretty sure at this point Ben had had ENOUGH of the headpiece already.  Not long after the photo frenzy it was back to playtime as usual (but with a very cute lion tail)!

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  1. what a cute little lion! i was laughing at seeing your head behind ben on the attempted group photo. it looks like you guys have a fun play group!

    and i love the pic of him sitting there playing with his little tail sticking out. so cute!

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