We’re Off to See the Wizard…

Happy Halloween from the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion!









Updated November 7th:  I was entirely too exhausted to write a full post on Halloween after we returned home from all of the festivities.  So, here’s a recap:

Our little Lion, Ben, was the inspiration for our Wizard of Oz theme.  I found his costume for about $19 at Pottery Barn Kids when he was only about ten weeks old.  For those of you that know how much costumes cost…this was a steal of a deal!!  Jake and I didn’t decide to dress up until the week of Halloween! 

Since Jake was out of town, Ben and I ventured off to one of those costume shops in the mall a couple of days before Halloween.  It was chaos in that place to put it mildly, plus I was trying to shield him from all of the scary stuff they had!  I was a little freaked out by all of it too!!  The original plan was for me to go as Dorothy and Jake to go as the Scarecrow.  You’re probably thinking that I couldn’t find a Dorothy costume, right?  Wrong.  I found plenty alright…the “Red Light District” Dorothy costume and the “Corner of Hollywood and Vine” Dorothy costume.  Seriously people, Dorothy was from KANSAS!!  Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed that they were selling these trashy costumes.  It was even more disappointing to see all of the young girls buying these costumes.  So I opted for the Scarecrow costume that was half the price and double the material of the Dorothy costume!! 

Jake returned home the evening before Halloween and we headed out to Target to “piece together” his Tin Man costume.  After finding only a few items, (did you know that Target doesn’t sell spray paint?!?) we stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up the last remaining necessities.  Similar to the Halloween shop in the mall, it was pretty chaotic!  So at about 10:30 that evening, Jake began spray painting his costume.  He did a great job and I think it turned out awesome!  Not too shabby for homemade, huh?!?

Each year our neighbors, that live on the street known as “The Loop,” host a terrific Halloween party.  Each family sets up a table in front of their house with goodies for both the parents and the kids.  Then everyone meanders from one house to the next to Trick or Treat.  This year one couple set up a projector on their garage door so that kids could stop by and play video games and another family had a bouncy house in their front yard for the kids to jump in. 

It was quite a challenge just making it out of our house.  Ben cried a little once Jake and I were both in full costume.  I think he was wondering where his mommy and daddy went.  Then while we were loading up the car, kids were coming up to our garage exclaiming, “Trick or Treat,” so we were literally handing out candy from our trunk!!  Finally, we made it to the party and we had a blast!  Ben even kept his lion mane on his head for most of the night without shedding a tear!  He must have been happy to be in the good company of his buddies, Scarecrow and Tin Man.  We had a super fun evening and even met a little Dorothy (she was about 5 years old)!  Ben was asleep within what seemed like seconds upon our return home!

Here are a few more pictures from the evening: 

Austin's Lawn Service

Austin's Lawn Service

Christy and Olivia as Bees

Christy and Olivia as Bees

Spike as a Hula Dancer

Spike as a Hula Dancer








Jeremy as a Sumo Wrestler

Jeremy as a Sumo Wrestler (Note: The poor guy received two blows to the gut before he had a chance to explain his costume was filled out by air from a little fan, NOT padding !! Ouch!)












Dave as Joking

Dave as Joking



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2 responses to “We’re Off to See the Wizard…

  1. I love it. You guys look GREAT! =)

  2. What great costumes! Jackson opened your card yesterday at his party. How sweet of you guys to send it! He loved the squeaky duck!

    Ben looks adorable!

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