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Gobble Gobble

Jake, Ben and I are flying out in the morning for Arkansas!!  Jake will be with us for an entire week!  Wahoo!  Ben and I will be staying until December 8th.  We cannot wait to see our friends and family, especially Baby Laci!  We are going to meet her for the very first time!!!  I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to blog while in Arkansas, but will certainly try.  We want to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving!  We feel so blessed and have so much to be thankful for!! 

Here’s a cute clip of Ben we filmed the other night at dinner.  I was talking to him about Thanksgiving and started singing that song that goes:  “Gobble Gobble Gobble, Fat Turkeys Fat Turkeys, Gobble Gobble Gobble, Fat Turkeys Are We, We’re Not Here For Livin’, We’re Here For Thanksgivin’, Gobble Gobble Gobble, Fat Turkeys Are We!  Then Jake chimed in with a few gobbles of his own and Ben thought it was hysterical.


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Who Needs Windex

Yesterday morning I sat Ben down by the sliding glass door in the family room while I made his breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt and fruit.  He usually sits and plays with his toys or watches Dakota out on the porch until I pick him up and put him in his highchair.  On this particular morning while I was making the breakfast I noticed that I couldn’t see his little head sticking up over the ottoman so I walked over to check on him.  I laughed out loud at what I saw.  He had worked his way over to the door and had his face smushed up against it, mouth open, licking the glass!  I wonder who he has seen do that before (cough…Dakota…cough)?!?  It was a pretty chilly morning too so I think he enjoyed the coolness of the door on his gums.  There doesn’t seem to be a dull moment around our house these days…this boy is great entertainment!  Click here for a clip.    










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Dog Treats

Ben and Dakota are becoming quite the big buddies.  So much so, Dakota was kind enough to share his dog treat with Ben the other night.  For those of you that have been around Dakota after he receives a rawhide to chew on, you know that (a.) he doesn’t share and (b.) if you go near him he will growl at you.  I guess since Ben shares the leftovers on his hands and face with Dakota after a meal, Dakota felt obligated to return the favor!  Check out these fun clips.


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I Think I Can…Crawl!!!

Just a couple of months ago Ben was doing this.  What a difference a little time makes!  He gave us a sweet surprise on our anniversary and started crawling for the very first time!  We were in the office (I was putting the slide show together for Jake) and Ben made his way right for the speaker cords and began yanking on them.  He thought it was pretty cool that he could FINALLY reach them after staring at them longingly for quite some time now.  He has (what I like to call) the combo crawl.  Sometimes it looks like he is army crawling, while at other times he looks like a little froggie.  We still see him scooting himself backwards, which we find very amusing and Ben finds quite annoying!  Life sure is different around our house now.  I begin each morning by pulling the curtains back and OFF the ground and ensuring that the laptop is nice and secure on the table and out of reach from Ben’s small, yet agile hands.  Seriously, it is amazing (and a little scary) how quickly he can be into something!  It is so much fun to watch him maneuver his way around the room!  All of his hard work those months ago is finally paying off!  Here are a couple of clips of him in action!

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Look Who’s 30…Happy Birthday, Amanda!








Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Aunt Mana (that’s from Ben!), Happy Birthday to you!!!  Amanda, We hope you have a super special day!  We’re thinking of you and wish we could be there to help celebrate!  We love you lots!!aunt-amanda-and-ben

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Happy 4th Anniversary, Honey!


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Welcome Baby Laci!!!

After lots of prayers and some intense moments, Baby Laci arrived last night!!  I spoke to one proud poppa Tim this morning and he was happy to report that both mommy and baby are healthy and doing good!  Due to the c-section, Candice is still in quite a bit of pain and has not been able to stand up since delivery, but she is looking forward to finally eating some food this morning!!  Candice also said that Laci has blond hair with streaks of red!  From the pictures it appears that Baby Laci looks a whole lot like her mommy…she is beautiful!!! 

Congratulations, Tim and Candice!  We wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but you should know that we are so excited for you and can’t wait to meet Baby Laci in a couple of weeks!  We are rejoicing with you and praising God for the answered prayers!  We love you!! 

Here are her stats along with some pictures they sent out this morning!

Name: Laci Marie

Date/Time of Birth:  November 7th at 10:52 PM

Weight:  5 pounds 15 ounces

Length:  18 3/4 inches































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