I Think I Can…Crawl!!!

Just a couple of months ago Ben was doing this.  What a difference a little time makes!  He gave us a sweet surprise on our anniversary and started crawling for the very first time!  We were in the office (I was putting the slide show together for Jake) and Ben made his way right for the speaker cords and began yanking on them.  He thought it was pretty cool that he could FINALLY reach them after staring at them longingly for quite some time now.  He has (what I like to call) the combo crawl.  Sometimes it looks like he is army crawling, while at other times he looks like a little froggie.  We still see him scooting himself backwards, which we find very amusing and Ben finds quite annoying!  Life sure is different around our house now.  I begin each morning by pulling the curtains back and OFF the ground and ensuring that the laptop is nice and secure on the table and out of reach from Ben’s small, yet agile hands.  Seriously, it is amazing (and a little scary) how quickly he can be into something!  It is so much fun to watch him maneuver his way around the room!  All of his hard work those months ago is finally paying off!  Here are a couple of clips of him in action!


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One response to “I Think I Can…Crawl!!!

  1. Way to go Ben!!! He was gettin’ it in that second video. I love it!
    Oh, life does change so rapidly, doesn’t it? It’s so fun to see them do new things…and it’s also very scary how fast they can get to the IMPORTANT things. Word to the wise: Put all laptop charger cords up high.
    WAY high. =)

    Enjoy! It’s so fun!

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