9 Months

If I could use one word to describe Ben right now it would be “MOBILE!”  This boy is a busybody for sure!  He turned 9 months old while we were in Arkansas and it was seriously amazing to watch the changes going on in his little body.  He has learned some really cool skills recently and is so smart.  I can tell when he really gets something now…it is like you can visibly see lots of little “ah ha” moments taking place all around him!  We’ll get into all of those cool things, but first up are his stats.  The day before we left for Thanksgiving we went in for his 9 month check up.  He weighed 19 pounds 10 ounces and was 27 2/3 inches long!  Thankfully he did not receive any immunizations at that appointment, although they did have to draw a little bit of blood from his big toe to check his iron levels.  They wanted the levels to be around 10 and his was 13…so it looks like he is getting plenty of iron!  Ben started whimpering a little as soon as we started to walk down the hallway to the exam room.  He was in a full blown crying mode by the time his pediatrician came in to examine him.  I was told to expect this to continue to occur at each appointment from now until he is about 18 months old!  Poor thing, I guess no one likes to be poked and prodded no matter what age! 

My sister-in-law’s friend, Lindsey, just happened to be over at Tim and Candice’s house one night taking some newborn pictures of Laci and was nice enough to take some shots of Ben too!  Here are a couple of my favorites!  Thanks, Lindsey!!  _mg_1331
















Here’s what he’s been up to lately:

He made it through a very historic election last month.  I really wanted to take him with me to vote, however, the reporters on the local news kept going on and on about how long the lines were.  I was worried that instead of teaching him a lesson in history he would think it was one on torture, so I opted to leave him home with Jake in the evening on Election Day and went to the poll alone.  Turns out, I was in and out within about five minutes.  Oh well, at least he can say he got the t-shirt!










He loves to empty out bins full of his books, toys and mommy and daddy’s magazines.  He typically doesn’t stop until everything is pulled out and strewn across the floor!  Click here to watch the video of him destroying the magazine bin.









He is crawling EVERYWHERE.  It seems like one day he woke up and decided he was going to crawl, really crawl, and he did…just like that!  It is so cute to watch him go from one thing to the next and from one room to the next.  (Okay, so it can be really exhausting for me too!) 

Since he is crawling everywhere, he is in to EVERYTHING.  The armoire doors to the TV stay shut most of the time now or we barricade it so that he can’t get in and pull cables, turn knobs and/or rummage through DVDs…we’ve seen him do all of these things.  img_5304 







He has also learned quite quickly how to pull up to his knees and sometimes into a standing position.  Even more surprising is that he has already learned to climb on things.  The other day I caught him doing this:

So I moved the dog bowls to a new “secret” location.  A few days later I was unloading groceries and gave Ben an empty box to play with while I put everything up.  The next thing I knew, he had pushed the box over to the “secret” dog bowl location, climbed up on it and was having a glorious time splashing in the water bowl.  Seriously, he was soaked from head to toe!  I also caught him pulling up on the toilet seat the other day.  I was washing my hands at the sink and the next thing I knew he had pulled himself up to his knees and was banging his hands on the toilet seat…yucky!  I gave him a good once over with some hand sanitizer! 

When we’re holding him he often tries to escape by either (a.) trying to leap/ jump off our laps or (b.) trying to squirm, wiggle, twist, turn or crawl down.  I’m glad he’s got an adventurous spirit and all, but the bigger he gets, the harder it is for us to hold on.  img_5238    







He is very good at playing ball:

He enjoys petting, pulling and tugging on Dakota.  Dakota is such a good sport.

Some other cool stuff he’s doing right now:  clapping his hands and giving high fives!!  He is also learning to associate pictures of objects in books with objects in real life.  For example, Jake can point out a picture of a teddy bear in a book and then ask him where the teddy bear is.  Ben will look up and over at the teddy bear sitting on his night stand.  That look is usually followed by a big grin from Ben as if he is trying to tell us, “hey, I know that’s a teddy bear!”  How cool is that!

I love it that our home is filled with the sound of Ben’s hands going pitter patter on the tile floor as he crawls so quickly around the house and the melody of his little voice that says  “da da da” and other jibber jabber constantly throughout the day.  This has been one exciting month!



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2 responses to “9 Months

  1. jill Weikel


    Oh boy are you in for it now just get ready… those are right pictures of Ben he looks so much older. See you guys in a few days. Love ya, Jill.

  2. Wow he’s gotten big! I love the videos! My all-time fav is the one of Dakota frenching him. That is hilarious. Lucy does the same thing. Lucy and Dakota might need to exchange phone numbers so they can have some sort of support group. These poor dogs get tugged and pulled all day and take it like champs! Lucy’s started looking at me out of the corner of her eye when Jax makes a beeline for her. It’s like she’s saying, “Really? You’re gonna allow this again?” What sweet puppies we have!

    I love Ben’s hair!

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