A Merry Little Christmas Party

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas early by throwing a fun party for the kiddos in our neighborhood playgroup.  We had a smorgasbord of all kinds of yummy treats to eat including chicken salad with croissants, spinach dip, sausage bread, salad, fruit and cookies!  Playgroup has definitely gotten even more interesting now that all of the kids are either crawling or walking.  We all sat around on the floor and ate picnic style hoping that it would make it easier to corral the kids.  For the most part I felt like I was juggling my plate, water glass and Ben the entire time!!  He enjoyed crawling (at top speed) around Christy’s house because she had all kinds of cool stuff for him to explore.  Other than a spilled water glass, thankfully nothing was damaged!  Whew!  After we ate and played for a while, we started our gift exchange.  We had a book exchange for the kids and a $10 gift for the mommies.  Ben got a set of really cool counting books and I got a a handy “market tote” that will be just perfect for a quick jaunt to the grocery store, a picnic or a trip to the beach.  Thanks to Christy S. for hosting the party.  We had a most wonderful time!  (The first pic from left to right:  Jen and Stephen (Stephen is about one month younger than Ben and they have become quite big buddies), Christy L. and Bella, Amy and Austin, Christy S. and Olivia, Carissa and Isaac, Katy and Ben, and our little Ben…can you tell he is totally ecstatic about opening his present…he LOVES to rip paper)!!  Oh!  And one more thing…our playgroup is about to get some new members…Amy, Christy S., Carissa and Debra (not pictured) are all pregnant again!  Congratulations, Ladies!!!























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  1. What a fun group! It looks like a really fun party…I bet that was interesting juggling food, drink and kiddos. Ben is so adorable in these shots…the one of him looking at the camera smiling looks just like your mom to me. What a cutie!

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