10 Months










The day after Christmas, Ben turned another month older!!  I am seriously amazed by how much he changes, grows and learns from month to month…it’s incredible.  Here’s what he’s been up to!!

Meal time is certainly interesting around our place these days.  Ben basically refuses to eat anything that we try to feed him unless he can feed himself a sampling of finger foods first.  I’m not sure just how much actually makes it into his mouth, but he seems to be rather content in just trying.  He also assists in feeding himself with a spoon and can hold/drink from a sippy cup!  Just this week I began officially weaning him to the cup at his lunch and dinner meals.  He is also truly thrilled to spit/spray food out of his mouth while he’s eating.  Jake and I have been working very hard on our poker faces so that we don’t encourage him to continue.  It is so hard not to laugh when he looks so stinkin’ cute, and of course there are those days that I want to scowl when he sprays my white shirt with bright orange carrots!  (I noticed yesterday when I returned home from running errands that I had a big blog of Ben’s lunch on my white t-shirt…whoops…I’m sure the nice folks at World Market didn’t mind!)  I used to give him a spoon to hold while I fed him with another, but I stopped that when he began to sword fight me with his spoon!!  We’re so proud of our little “independent” eater!!  (I know I posted lots of pics of him eating here, but we’ve been spending lots o’ time at the table.  Oh, recently he has been setting the sippy cup on top of his head when he’s not drinking it.  I guess that is as good a place as any???)  He’s quite a character!!!






































He loves to crawl under, over and through tight spaces.  Lately we’ve been making obstacle courses out of pillows for him to crawl through on the floor…he has a blast!  He is determined to fit through any space he thinks he should be able to, so he has definitiely had his share of bumps to the noggin and gotten stuck a few times along the way…none of which seem to deter him one bit.  









At the golf course one afternoon (yes, we have been spoiled by beautiful weather) we let Ben play in the grass and on the putting green while we waited for our lunch.  He was mesmerized by the leaves.  He kept trying to eat them and by the time we made it back to our table, he had a big dirt spot on his face.  As you can see he was fascinated with the hole on the green too…he kept sticking his hand down in it to see what he could find! 



















We’ve transitioned the toddler tub from the kitchen sink to the bathroom.  Click here to see why.  I’m not sure if all kids are this way, but Ben is SUPER HYPER after a bath.  After he gets out he acts like we’ve just fed him straight sugar from the canister.  Seriously, it often takes two of us in the evening after bathtime to get him diapered, lathered (with lotion) and dressed for bed.









He can wave “hi” and “bye bye”.  We love to practice when Jake leaves for work in the morning and at other times like checking out at the grocery store.  After Jake leaves the nursery at night, Ben will continue to wave and say “da da” in a super cute whisper.

He pushes cars (and most of his other toys) around on the floor.  We went to visit his little friend Kai last week and they had loads of fun rolling their cars around together.









He enjoys “helping” unload the dishwasher.

He is pulling up to his feet on EVERYTHING.  He is also “cruising” a little now by taking  side steps when he’s holding on to the ottoman.  It seems like he really might be walking soon!!












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3 responses to “10 Months

  1. He is too precious for words, you guys. What a sweetie! It’s so fun when they can move around on their own and start discovering things. I love how curious they are! I love the picture of him climbing under the chairs. It’s so cute!

    Great post – it’s fun to see what he’s been up to! Send some of that loverly Florida weather up here, would ya?

    Love you guys.

  2. jill Weikel

    All I have to say is ” oh, boy!!!” you are getting ready for the fun stage of being parents!

  3. Matt and Yvonne

    My goodness, he’s already standing up. He looks so active!

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