Resolutions Anyone?

Is anyone else wondering where the month of January went?  Whew…I feel like this month has zoomed right on by.  Is this a foreshadowing of what the rest of the year will be like?  Maybe so.  I guess I’m not starting off the year so hot with keeping up the blog.  So here’s the “Happy New Year” post I meant to write, oh, say, about a month ago.

After a cat nap on the couch from 11-11:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, I was rested and ready to count down the New Year.  Ben was fast asleep by 8:00 pm so Jake and I took it pretty easy and rang in the New Year with Dick Clark and a few other million people in New York City all from the comfort of our own home.  After a few phone calls to my family (although they were still patiently waiting to welcome in the new year since they are on central time) we were fast asleep.  The next day was nice and relaxing.  I made an extremely large pot of chili (thanks to a recipe from my stepmom, Linda).  It was so good!  That afternoon we took a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Here’s the best shot I got.  (It was a little trickier than I thought it would be by trying to walk backward and take a picture!)  Click here to take a walk with us! 










I am usually not one to come up with and certainly not one to write down any resolutions for the new year.  So this year, I actually had a few in mind and decided to write them down.  I thought if I posted them here I would have you (my faithful reader(s)) to help hold me accountable.  We’ll see how it works out…here we go (in no particular order):

  1. De-clutter and organize our house.  You see, I’m one for stacking things into neat piles because I really don’t like to throw anything away.  Plus I have clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in years.  So it is time to get rid of the piles, throw away a few things and donate some clothes.  When I told my friend, Amy, at the beginning of the year that I needed to get organized she asked, “How can you be married to Jake and NOT be organized?!?”  Our husbands work together so it appears that Jake’s reputation for organization has spread quickly.  Here’s the thing, before I met Jake I thought I WAS a pretty organized person.  What I have learned is that there are different echelons of organization.  I would consider Jake, along with my cousin Annie, to be in the extreme upper echelon while I would rank at the lower end.  For example, when I get home from the grocery store, I place the yogurt on any empty shelf I can find in the refrigerator.  Jake typically follows behind me and organizes it by flavor and expiration date…I find that cute and quirky and yes, a little extreme!!
  2. Work-out at least three times a week.  I used to work-out all the time.  Seriously, from middle school all the way through grad school, I was pretty disciplined to get in the gym on a very frequent basis.  I even found an old journal from middle school where I had actually written down very detailed work-out routines for each day (including length of time for each activity along with number of repetitions).   So it is time to break out the pilates videos and put on my walking shoes and get moving!
  3. Spend time reading and studying my Bible every morning.  For me, this one is the most important of them all.  There is nothing better than starting out my morning by reading my Bible and worshiping God.  It really just makes the day better.  Of course it doesn’t mean the day won’t have its challenges.  It just helps me to try and see God in everything throughout the day. 
  4. Learn a new hobby…sewing.  I’ve wanted to learn how to sew for a long time, but it just seems very intimidating to me for some reason.  The machine, the needles, the thread…  Lately I’ve thought about a lot of things I would like to make…if only I could sew.  So, it’s time to sew.  Anyone know of a good beginner sewing machine they would recommend?
  5. Reconnect with an old friend.  The truth is, I’m not always good at staying connected.  I’d like to, even think about lots of friends and family often throughout the day, but before I know it another week has gone by and I haven’t talked to them.  So I’d like to do better in this area and especially would like to really reconnect with at least one old friend that I’ve lost touch with. 
  6. Volunteer at church…community outreach.  I’ve really felt a tugging on my heart over the past several months to volunteer either at our church or with an organization through our church.  There seems to be so much to get involved in out there and so many people and organizations that could use a helping hand.  So I am on a quest to find a way that I can help out with a group that will either allow Ben to join me or provide care for him.

Happy New Year!!


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3 responses to “Resolutions Anyone?

  1. Olivia

    Hey Joanna! Our resolutions look way too similar! If you all have Jo-Ann Fabric stores in Florida…they offer free sewing lessons if you buy a sewing machine there. And they usually have 40% off coupons in the Sunday papers you can use!! I have been tinkering with the idea of learning to sew for a couple of years and still have not taken the plunge!

    So fun to catch up with your lives on your blog. Ben is so adorable!! Miss you much.


  2. Great list. I don’t have any wisdom on a good sewing machine – mine is about 30 years old and a hand-me-down from a friend. I would like to use it more than I do.

    Ben is so sweet! I love the pics of him dog sitting. The little dog looked like it had some serious energy!

  3. ryanandnichole

    Hey Joanna!

    Boy I sure wish your exercise diligence could somehow rub off on me! It’s funny that you’re wanting to learn how to sew..I’ve been wanting to learn for awhile now and my mom bought me a sewing machine when she was here in October. Yes, it’s very intimidating for me as well, which is why I’ve only gotten it out of the box and looked at the illustration of parts! If you are going to get a machine though, I recommend getting one of the machines that embroiders too. My friend Cindy has one and she said the embroidery part is so easy to learn that her husband can do it! (ha ha, hence, men aren’t that bright…)! She hasn’t tried to learn the sewing part yet though! But if you’re gonna get a machine, might as well get one that does both, you know…

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