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Last week Ben was asked to dog sit by his little buddies, Kendall and Kali, that live in our neighborhood.  They received a miniature schnauzer puppy named Pepper for Christmas.  Kendall and Kali have taken care of Dakota for us many many times and we were happy to return the favor!   I think Ben was pretty thrilled that he was actually the bigger of the two!  However, truth be told, Pepper was a little hyper and I’m not sure if Ben knew quite what to think of her (as evidenced by second picture above).  After all, he is used to playing with Dakota…a very calm dog.  Dakota has quite the (good) reputation in our neighborhood.  Before Kendall and Kali got their dog they used to have their parents call our house and ask if they could come over and play with Dakota.  Right after we moved into the neighborhood the kids next door, Andrew and Ally, asked if they could adopt Dakota because they loved him so much.  When pleading her case as to why they were qualified to adopt him, Ally stated very matter-of-factly, “We even have dog food.”  It was very cute!  Needless to say, they didn’t get to adopt Dakota but they did end up getting a dog of their own, Mojo…a pug.  He and Dakota are pretty good buddies.  

Back to dog sitting…while Jake was walking, feeding and playing with Pepper, Ben and I took advantage of the big backyard and fun playground equipment.  Ben had a blast soaring high on the swing, zipping down the slide and crawling around in the grass (one of his favorite things to do these days).  Here’s him in action:

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