We decided to join the masses around the globe and finally purchased a webcam so that we can Skype!!  Wahoo!  We’d love to chat and see your beautiful faces!!  Here’s Matt from our phone call with him and Oma Leah several nights ago.  Since Matt has been working out of the country for the past year, this was his first time to see and talk to Ben.  It was so much fun!!  I heart technology!!



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2 responses to “Skype

  1. yea for skype! we’ll have to get on together and let the boys “talk”. molly and dylan are here right now and we got to hang out with matt, stacey and braden last night. we need more cousins! we were talking about trying to come and visit you guys in florida…wouldn’t that be fun? hope you guys have a good day!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Why didn’t you guys tell me that my grin looked so goofy? Must be the bad lighting.

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