“Son, You Got a Panty On Your Head!”

That is one of my favorite quotes from the hysterical movie Raising Arizona.  I haven’t thought about that movie in a really long time until yesterday.  Ben has become very interested and eager to “help” with the laundry lately.  So after we returned home from our playgroup Wednesday, I prepared Ben’s lunch while he helped sort out some of the laundry on the couch.  I try to leave a few smaller items, like socks, for him to play with while I fold everything else.  He usually pulls them all down to the ground, pushes them into a pile and then roles around on them.  Anyway, on this particular day it appears that he wanted to try something new.  When he came to see me in the kitchen I laughed out loud.  I tried to get a still shot with the camera but each time I got close to him he would crawl quickly away so I managed to capture him on video.  Here’s what I saw (and for those of you wondering, not to worry, that is clean laundry!!).



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2 responses to ““Son, You Got a Panty On Your Head!”

  1. That is hilarious. Jackson does the same. thing. I laugh so hard everytime. When Jackson helps with the laundry, he also likes to take the clothes and wrap them around the back of his neck, like a scarf. I don’t know why. We always crack up when he does this. Small things are such treasures!

    He is really motoring around fast, isn’t he? That’s so fun! I loved your title…also one of my favorite lines. What a great movie…

  2. Whoops! I may have posted my last comment on the wrong post. It was supposed to go on the “panty head” post.

    It may not make a lot of sense on the update on Ben (or be very appropriate, for that matter). Eeesh! =S


    It’s 2:15 in the morning right now and I’m catching on my blog reading. I can’t seem to fall asleep. (I know. Step away from the computer, right?) Sophie has been up sick for the past several nights, and I’m afraid I’ve reached the delirious phase of sleep-deprivation.

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