Happy Valentine’s Day…Razorback Style

I guess you’re wondering what Valentine’s Day has to do with the Razorbacks.  Well, typically I would say that the two are completely unrelated.  However, as you can see from the picture, on this particular occasion they go hand in hand.  










For some time now we’ve been teaching Ben how to call the Hogs.  It all started when he received the book, “Hello Big Red!” from his Uncle Tim.  There is one particular page that says, “Finally, Big Red arrived at Razorback Stadium.  As he ran onto the football field, the crowd called, “Woo.  Pig.  Sooie!  Go Hogs!””  Now whenever we turn to this page Ben immediately throws both of his arms up in the air with his hands over his head while opening and closing his fists…just like he’s calling the Hogs.  He also has started doing this anytime we even mention the word “Razorbacks”, while he’s watching ANY sporting event on TV with his dada and at random times like at dinner and riding in the shopping cart at the grocery store.

So here’s how the picture came about in the first place.  We decided to make Valentine’s Day cards for Ben to hand out to his little buddies at the playgroup party this week.  So in my attempt to take an ever so cute Valentine’s Day picture (which proved to be incredibly difficult because he would begin crying anytime I handed him the paper heart to hold…typically he LOVES paper, but for some reason he wasn’t digging the heart) he decided to call the Hogs and there you have it…1 Valentine’s Day Heart + 2 Little Arms Calling the Hogs = A Whole Lot of Cuteness!  The cookie treat bags were a big hit at the party too!  I posted some pics of our little project below.

















Happy Valentine’s Day!  XOXO, Ben

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One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day…Razorback Style

  1. Well, if THAT isn’t cute!

    Your child sweetens up any Valentine. =)

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