More Test Results

I’ve got some really exciting news!!  Based on the results from the endoscopic ultrasound performed yesterday, my mom’s physician feels confident that she does not have cancer.  Yes, you read that right…NOT cancer!!!!!!!  What he believes she is suffering from is a case of acute pancreatitis.  He reported to my stepdad that he believes she has been suffering from pancreatitis for some time now and that most likely what they saw on the CT Scan and MRI was edema from the acute pancreatitis, not a mass.  While we are ELATED by the most recent findings, we are cautiously optimistic as we wait for the results from the biopsy. 

When I spoke to my mom this afternoon she was waiting for my stepdad to take her to the hospital.  Her local doctor wanted her to come in for observation since she has not been able to eat, drink or take any pain medication today due to nausea.  At this point they believe the nausea is a result of the testing done yesterday, but want to observe her to ensure she does not become dehydrated and so that they can control her pain.

It is so amazing and encouraging to see how God has been faithful to answer our prayers!!  Please continue to pray that the biopsy results will confirm that my mom does not have cancer.  I am asking that you would also continue to pray for my mom’s recovery…not only from the pancreatitis, but also from the procedures yesterday.

Psalm 145:3 “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom.”


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2 responses to “More Test Results

  1. jill Weikel

    How great is our God… this is true to what we all know about how God answers prayers. We Love you, Mom and our prayers are still with you.

  2. Oh, man, that’s GREAT! I’ve pretty much been stalking your blog for the past week, waiting to hear some news on your sweet mom. Will be praying that the results of the biopsy are good.

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