Diagnosis Pancreatitis

Here’s the latest update about my mom…

Several days after my mom had the needle biopsy of her pancreas we received some very exciting news…NO cancer!!  The doctor was correct in his previous assessment that my mom has pancreatitis, not cancer, and the biopsy was just what we needed to confirm it.  Whew…it was like we were all able to finally exhale after what felt like a lifetime of holding our breath while we waited for the results.  It is just the news we had been praying and hoping for!  We are so thankful!

The night before my mom went in for the biopsy and ultrasound we received some less than encouraging news.  The results from the “tumor marker” test, also known as the CA 19-9 , came back…not good.  The normal range is 0-34 and my mom’s was around 279.  After that we were all feeling a little shaken and many of those feelings of shock, disbelief and sadness came rushing back.  That night as I was lying in bed I could not sleep.  So I began to pray and here’s what happened next…

I’ll admit I was feeling a little angry with this whole situation and before I knew it I shouted to God (silently in my prayer since Jake was asleep next to me), “What do you want from me,” and in the clearest voice almost as if He were whispering in my ear I heard, “I want your heart.”  I replied back, “I’ll give it to you…it really hurts.”  And then it was like I could see His hands, one holding my heart and the other sewing it up with a needle and thread.  Then He gave me this verse from Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  My Heavenly Father assured me that whether my mom’s diagnosis was cancer or not…we would be okay.  And that is perfect peace that only He can give.

Pretty amazing!!  I can assure you that I have never experienced anything like it before.  I sent the above paragraph in an e-mail to my dad not long after it occurred.  It was as if something moved in me that would not let me stay in bed.  I needed to write it down.  I needed the experience to be told.  I’m so thankful I did.  It is a true testament of God’s faithfulness to us and how he can meet us wherever we are.

I’m sad to say that my mom did not get to join us in Florida for Ben’s birthday as she had planned.  As I mentioned in the previous post about her, she was taken back to the hospital the day after all of this testing occurred and was admitted for a few days.  We missed her lots, but we were certainly celebrating not only Ben’s birthday, but the awesome news we received from the biopsy!!  My mom is at home now, trying to rest (if that’s possible with pancreatitis) and recover.  Please continue to pray that her body will be completely healed soon!


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6 responses to “Diagnosis Pancreatitis

  1. Rebekah

    I have been praying for you guys through out all of this. I will continue to keep your family in my prayer. I love you guys and miss you all so much.

  2. jill Weikel

    isn’t that amazing how God just works with you in times like this. Just know Jo that God had his hand on you that time and he wants you and even all of us that mom will be ok.

  3. Man, neat story about God’s faithfulness during your prayer. I think sometimes fear prevents us from fully experiencing God’s peace and joy (I certainly know I’m guilty of letting it interfere). It’s awesome that you talked openly and honestly with God, and He made Himself real to you at a time when you most needed his comfort. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been thinking about and praying for your mom TONS since I first read of her scare. Glad to know it’s “just” pancreatitis (from what I’ve heard, I know it can be pretty debilitating and painful). PTL it wasn’t cancer! We will pray for a quick recovery.

    Oh, and just to let you know, not knowing she was in bed recovering, I thought I saw your mom at a baseball game this weekend. Same hair color and cut, profile, build, skin color, yada yada. The man with her even looked like Bill. I was really excited to go up and chat with her about old times, when “your mom” turned around to yell LOUDLY at someone behind us and I realized, oops, it wasn’t her. I got a pretty severe case of the giggles, knowing how close I came to going up and bear-hugging some poor stranger. Russ was, of course, appalled at the thought. Hee!


  4. Thanks Jo for keeping me company tonight with all your beautiful blogs. You have such a gift for writing. (Another sleepless night here in Fayetteville) Thank you for all the prayers,from all, that I’ve read about tonight. Thank you for supporting Jo and her sweet family with all of your encouraging words to her. I’m so humbled and thankful.
    Love, Mom

  5. Matt and Yvonne

    Although we’re sure that pancreatitis is a very difficult thing to go through in its own right, we are very glad that to know that it wasn’t cancer.

    Yvonne can speak from experience that even when cancer can be cured, the very treatment that cures it can be one of the toughest things that a person can go through.

  6. aunt kathy

    So glad for this diagnosis instead of what was expected! We’ve been praying!

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