Ben’s 1st Birthday Recap

We were very excited to welcome Ben’s Oma to Central Florida the evening before his birthday!  She flew all day across the country (from Washington State) just to be here for the party!  Ben blew kisses for the very first time that weekend and she was the lucky recipient…it was super sweet!! 









As soon as we heard Ben begin his usual chatter on the monitor the next morning, we tiptoed into his room to sing “Happy Birthday!”  Other than the fact that there were three very giddy weirdos standing in his room singing to him, I’m pretty sure Ben knew there was something else very special about that day (as evidenced by the huge grin in the pic below that I snapped the morning of his birthday)!!









Aren’t our voices just so melodious at 7:30 in the morning!?!  (The video turned out darker than I expected so it might be difficult to see.) 

The next day Ben’s Aunt Candice and Baby Laci arrived!!  After Ben got over his initial curiosity of having someone smaller than him in the house (i.e. trying to pounce, pull, and poke on Laci) they got along beautifully.  Candice and I stayed up way too late each night (until about 1 am) talking, we went walking on most days in the neighborhood, and we did our best to do some shopping…all while trying to coordinate feedings and nap times for the two kiddos.  We had such a good time, and just maybe we’ve finally caught up on all of that sleep we didn’t get!!









On Saturday we celebrated Ben’s BIG day with a super fun backyard bar-b-que.  We ate hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixin’s, chips, fruit…and for dessert…cupcakes!  I had forgotten how much I LOVE cupcakes.  Total cupcake count for me over the next few days:  8!!  Yea…I’m not proud, but they were so good!  It is for that reason I try not to keep junk food in my house because I clearly enjoy it way too much! 

Here’s Ben trying his first bite of cake.  A little uncertain at first.

Ben…definitely enjoying his cake now!

This one I like to call “sugar shock”.   After he had devoured about half of his cake we decided it was best to take it away before he got a tummy ache!  Believe it or not, he did take a nap after eating all of that sugar!

To recap the day I put together the little slideshow below.  Enjoy!!

This was taken the morning after the party.  We hung this football balloon on Ben’s chair for the party (I’m pretty sure I got hit in the face with it that day at least a dozen times!!!).  This boy LOVES balloons!  LOVES ‘EM!  (Note to self:  next year’s gift idea…a balloon…seriously, endless hours of fun!)

A big thanks to everyone that traveled to the party, sent cards and gifts, called and e-mailed.  You all helped to make Ben’s 1st Birthday a truly special day!! 

P.S. – To read about Ben’s party from one of the party-goers…click on Ryan and Nichole’s blog.  (Nichole and Jake grew up together in Arkansas and now she and her husband live down the interstate from us in Daytona.)  Her post made me laugh out loud.  Thanks for writing about it Nichole!  We had such a blast with you too!



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4 responses to “Ben’s 1st Birthday Recap

  1. ryanandnichole

    Great post Jo! I really like the slide show thingy you did – I’m gonna have to check that out and do one with some of Cameron’s pics. I absolutely cannot wait until Cameron’s 1st birthday! Thanks again for inviting us – I had such a blast!

  2. jill Weikel

    aww… I wish i could of been there. I got a idea if i get out there this summer we can have another b/c I missed this one. i love the slide show that was great. Love ya, Jill


    WOW!!! Cute slide show, looks like alot of fun. I remember Scoots 1st birthday!!! March 29th he will be 8, cant believe it. Time goes by soo fast! He is my little man, so funny and interesting. I really need to start a blog, hope to have a computer at home in the next few weeks. You will laugh at some of our stories!! Wouldnt trade it for anything!! Love you guys!! Dana and Scoot

  4. Matt and Yvonne

    FISTS FULL OF CAKE! Because utensils are for losers. That’s just how we Froemsdorfs roll, on our first birthdays. It’s a family tradition.

    Love the smile in the second picture!

    Time for a new blog update!?

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