Calling All Linguists and Translators

Recently Ben added a couple of new words to his expanding vocabulary.  The words are “bye” and “tree” (okay, so tree usually sounds like “tee”…but at least we know what he is trying to say).  Then there’s his FAVORITE word of the moment…drum roll please…”dong.”  It is seriously the funniest thing.  It all started around the time he received balloons for his birthday.  When we’d ask Ben what they were or ask him to say balloon he would respond with “dong.”  So we are pretty sure this is his very own and very creative translation of the word balloon.  We are still considering the possibility that he’s learned a second language without telling us and that the joke is on us.  Here’s Ben hamming it up for the camera after dinner one night this week.  Feel free to send us your translation!!



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2 responses to “Calling All Linguists and Translators

  1. Matt and Yvonne

    That sounds more like Mandarin than Japanese, at least from the tonal inflection. Could possibly be Korean though.

  2. ryanandnichole

    Jo, that is so cute! So what other words can he say? And Matt’s comment is a hoot! You gotta love Matt!

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