Out Like a Lion

Ahh, springtime in Arkansas…I’d forgotten just how unpredictable it is!  Before I started packing our suitcases for our trip there at the end of March I checked the 10-day forecast.  If I recall correctly, the highs were predicted somewhere between the upper 60’s and low 70’s.  So I packed mostly shorts and t-shirts for Ben, along with just a couple pairs of pants and long sleeve shirts “just in case” and at the last moment I threw in a light weight jacket for him…thank goodness!  (Truth be told, I even packed swimsuits…what was I thinking???)  Maybe my blood is just super thin from having lived in Florida for the past three years, but it sure seemed blizzard-like to me!!  Brr!!!  So despite the rainy, cold and snowy (yes, it even snowed) weather, we had a most excellent trip!!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday!  img_6488







We treated our little piggies to some pampering!









My college roommate, Tonya, just so happened to plan a trip back to Arkansas from Montevideo, Uruguay, to surprise her family for the exact same time period that Ben and I were there (we didn’t even plan our trips together…how cool is that)!  So one afternoon we got to meet up for a couple of hours in Fayetteville for a chat.  It was sooo much fun to see her!  Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Isabel, but Ton did get to meet Ben and Laci for the very first time!!  Tonya’s sister, Tammy, along with her two adorable girls, Addison and Stella, were there too.  The girls wanted to eat at Chick-fil-a so we were able to find a nice long table at the back of the restaurant.  Ben was quite the trooper considering he didn’t take a morning nap (we had a babysitter watch him and Laci while we got pedicures) and he was incredibly tired.  Thankfully a nice worker there brought Ben a balloon…it seemed to keep him occupied for most of the time.  However, trying to snap a picture proved to be a bit more challenging.

First attempt:









Several attempts later:








And on the sixth attempt…we got it!!  (Notice no balloon…one of the girls is holding it for Ben to look at…as you can see he wasn’t very pleased)!









Ben got to spend a fun afternoon with his cousins Courtney, Leah and Jenna at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  img_6490







Ben LOVES toast and after he finished his piece, he crawled up into Grandma’s lap and ate hers too!









Ben couldn’t wait for Grandpa to get home from work each day so they could play together.










One morning while in Greenwood, Candice, Sonya and I got to go out for brunch sans the babies.  It was so much fun to have an actual conversation with the girls without any interruptions, not to mention we ate at IHOP (I haven’t eaten there in forever).  My breakfast included chocolate chip pancakes…yummy!  I used to always order the chocolate chip pancakes as a kid and loved them!!  I also remember feeling like I was going to yak after polishing off an entire plate of them back then.  Now that I am older and wiser (although I’m not so sure eating a pile of chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream is all that wise), I pair them with an egg and some sausage and the salt helps to tone down the sugar.  Voila!!








We grilled out for Tim’s birthday.  Okay, actually, I guess Tim grilled out for us on his birthday, in the freezing cold, battling a pretty bad cold himself.  Gosh, now that I think about it that doesn’t sound like a “happy” birthday at all.  Sorry about that Tim, I hope you’ll considering “celebrating” another birthday with us again sometime.  Thanks for being such a sport and for cooking some yummy kabobs!






















The day before we left, the weather warmed up a little bit so that we could enjoy the great outdoors at my dad and Linda’s new house.  The house really turned out beautiful!  I wish I had gotten more pictures of it (inside and out) for you all to see, but I forgot my camera battery charger and it died before I had a chance to take any more.  Here’s David, Landon and Dad using the telescope to search for birds.  I think they spotted an eagle perched on a tree in the lake below!! 










Jill and Khloee playing their own unique version of chess!









This was taken on our journey back up the mountain side after taking a walk down to the lake.  You can see part of their AMAZING view in the background.









Ben got to celebrate his birthday again!img_6556







 He got to play with more of his cousins…Kayla, Landon, Khloee…









…and Laci!  How cute is she with this doll…that she LOVES!!









Ben spent a whole lot of time playing in the entryway at their new place.  He absolutely LOVED it and the stairs!!!  It appears that Ben wasn’t the only one having lots of fun in the entryway…click here!  Thanks so much to everyone that made our trip so wonderful!  We love you and look forward to seeing many of you in St. Augustine in just a few short weeks!




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2 responses to “Out Like a Lion

  1. Jo, it was awesome seeing you while in Arkansas and I can’t wait until we are back in the states and get to see each other more…and you can meet Isabel. Also, I have to admit you weren’t the only one who packed swimsuits for the Arkansas trip..I did too 🙂 Love ya!

  2. What a fun post! It was great seeing everybody. Your mom looks fabulous! Clearly, pancreatitis agrees with her. 😉 And your dad and Linda’s house and view are amazing. Wow!

    Ah, don’t you just love Arkansas weather? 80 degrees one day, snowing the next. It’s nuts! During our time in Texas and New Mexico, I’d actually forgotten how crazy the weather is here. Let’s just say it hasn’t been a “joy of rediscovering” kind of reunion. Between the kooky temperatures and the INSANE pollen, poor Sophs is never going to get well, it seems. Sheesh!

    Happy belated birthday, Ben, you Cutie Pie! =)

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