St. Louis – Additional Testing

My mom and step-dad are driving into St. Louis, MO, this morning for two appointments this afternoon.  One is for another CT scan at 1:00 pm and the second is for another endoscopic ultrasound at 3:00 pm.  She has been referred to a specialist at the GI Center that is located at the Center for Advanced Medicine and is affiliated with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine.  Since she has continued to suffer from excruciating pain after her diagnosis of pancreatitis almost a month ago, her local physician referred her to yet another specialist so that they can continue to try and determine how best to treat her symptoms and ultimately make her well again.  We should know the results from these two procedures by tomorrow.  They have asked her to stay through the 9th so that they can perform additional tests or procedures if necessary on that day.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and notes of encouragement to my mom.  She was commenting to me just yesterday about how much you all have comforted her.  Please continue to pray for her, specifically that the procedures would go well today, that we would receive good news about treatment options and for continued healing and complete recovery.



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3 responses to “St. Louis – Additional Testing

  1. Tara

    We will kept your mom in our prayers today. Please let us know if they need ANYTHING while in St. Louis. We would be happy to help in any way. Love to all,

  2. Joanna, we will definitely be praying that these test really show the doctors how to treat your mom and relieve her pain so that she can be up and running 100% again. Keep us posted. Love you all! Tonya, Isabel and Fede

  3. Oh, man, I read the previous post before reading this one, and from the way she looked (absolutely radiant!), I assumed your mom was feeling much, much better. I’m so sorry to hear that she’s still dealing with so much pain. We will be praying for good treatment options, and ultimately, for complete healing.


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