The Easter Bunny and 1st Egg Hunt


This picture pretty much sums it up…Ben DID NOT like the Easter Bunny and WAS NOT interested in getting his picture taken with him whatsoever.  In fact, the only reason we were able to get this close was because of Ben’s sheer LOVE of balloons!  So after several attempts of trying to convince Ben that it was a “friendly bunny” (Ben wasn’t buying it at all), we gave up on trying to get him to sit on the bunny’s lap for a picture.  Next up…the Easter egg hunt!! 

We put Ben down in the grass and he was off! 


He crawled over to a group of four eggs, picked them up one by one and put them in his basket.  


Then instead of crawling on to find more, he began to empty the basket.  Here he is showing off his treasured eggs to his fellow egg hunters.


One very happy egg hunter!


Easter eggs are also good for throwing.  Another little boy hunting close by came trotting over and started picking up the eggs that Ben was throwing back into the grass.  Just when Ben was about to panic, the little boy’s daddy came over and very politely returned the eggs to their rightful owner.  Whew, crisis averted!


Ben’s first Easter egg hunt was egg-cellent!


Right before we left, Ben and the Easter Bunny even shared a special moment…Ben patted the bunny’s fuzzy fur feet (for like half a second and then he was ready to go)!


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One response to “The Easter Bunny and 1st Egg Hunt

  1. I’m feelin’ ya, Ben. That Easter bunny looks a tad crazed. Better safe than sorry, right, buddy? 😉

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