13 Months










Ben and I were checking out at Target last week when he decided to show the cashier two of his most favorite tricks…shaking his head and twisting!  One of his favorite Baby Einstein DVDs is called  Baby’s First Moves…he loves to join in with the other kids when they shake and twist too.  Lately I’ve seen him “practicing” at random times throughout the day.  Anyway, the cashier loved it and started calling other cashiers over to watch.  Ben loved the attention and kept it up.  Honesty, I was a little worried that the other customers would get upset having to wait to check-out, but as luck would have it they were pretty amused too!  As we were leaving, the cashier said, “Oh, he must be such a joy at home!”  She couldn’t have described it any better.  When life throws us crazy curve balls, Ben has this incredible way of bringing us such joy!  Here’s what our little joy has been up to over the past month.

He loves to go for rides in his wagon around the neighborhood while pointing out the grass, sky, trees and airplanes we see along the way.  Click here to go for a ride.









He enjoys spending countless hours outside with “Boubly” the bubble machine.  I’m pretty sure this is the coolest bubble invention EVER!  Ben not only tries to catch the bubbles, he tries to lick them off the back porch!!  Click here to see the bubbles!









He’s discovered not only how to open the cabinet doors, but how to crawl inside the cabinets now too.  Who knew that toilet paper and Kleenex could be this exciting!









He’s learning to brush his teeth…all seven of them!!  At this point he just likes to suck on the Thomas & Friends training toothpaste (in tooty fruity flavor) and once he’s sucked it all off, he flings the toothbrush into the bathwater. 










He’s not walking on his own yet, but he spends a whole lot of time cruising around.  He loves to walk in the grass using the back wall of the house as support!









He can show how old he is by holding up one little finger and he can sound out what a sheep, horse and cow say as demonstrated in the video below.  Other animal noises he can make:  cat, chicken, dog, bear and lion.  At dinner one night Jake asked him if he wanted more chicken and Ben said, “Bach!”  We took that as a yes!!

He makes car and truck noises anytime he’s playing with them, looking at his book called Trucks or riding in the car.

One day last week we spent just about every waking moment outside.  I didn’t realize it until I began downloading everything onto the computer that I captured pretty much the entire time on video.  Here are some clips from our day!

One of Ben’s favorite places to play in the yard is underneath the trees.  You can usually see him pointing to them and saying “tee!”

Here he is showing off his two favorite tricks I mentioned above…shaking and twisting!

Another favorite past time…taking things out of the basket, putting them into the back of his truck, unloading the truck and putting everything back into the basket.


I was trying to show Ben how to bounce the ball off the side of the house and watch it bounce back.  As you can see in the video, when it was his turn to try he got right up next to the house so that the ball kept bouncing back and hitting him in the face. 

Some other cute stuff he’s doing right now: 

One day at lunch while I was feeding Ben, a piece of food was hot so I picked it up and said, “Oh, hot!” and then blew on it.  Later that day Ben and I were running errands and as we got back into the car I said, “It sure is hot outside!” and Ben started blowing!!  I turned to the back seat and said, “Ben, is it hot?” just to see if I’d heard correctly and sure enough he started blowing over and over again!

We’ve been working on learning parts of the body.  He can point to his eyes and nose, stick out his tongue, try and find his belly button and show you his “handy hands.” 

Words he’s saying right now:  dada, mama, tree, ball, bath, bye, bean, duck, dog, “dong” a.k.a. balloon, and “d” a.k.a. dakota.


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2 responses to “13 Months

  1. It’s amazing how little ones can bring us joy amidst trial. Such a sweet blessing he is. =)

  2. ryanandnichole

    Joanna, I just love the videos you post – Ben is such a happy baby – seeing his videos always makes me smile!

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