Family Vacation – St. Augustine

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for St. Augustine.  I guess you could call this our first “official” family vacation since Ben was born.  We’re super excited!  We rented a house on the beach (okay, we opted for a house with a private pool and in order to do so we gave up beach front property…it’s across the street within walking distance though!)!  We’re meeting up with my brother Tim and his wife Candice and Baby Laci, my brother-in-law David (we’ll miss you Jill…Khloee is still in school so they couldn’t make the trip), my dad and stepmom Linda and Candice’s dad Randy. 

Truth be told this trip was originally planned for just the guys.  The PGA tour is making a stop in Ponte Vedra (just up the road from St. Augustine) for the TPC Sawgrass and the guys want to go and watch players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson and Sergio Garcia (to name a few) and of course play lots of golf themselves.  So we, the ladies, decided to tag along to soak up the sun and to do a little shopping at the outlet malls nearby.  Jake made sure to cash in on his private golf lessons over the last several weeks, plus he’s managed to squeeze in some time at the driving range AND he’s even been practicing his swing in the front yard.  Apparently golf is serious business.  I don’t know that much about golf, but a couple of things I know are true…ONE.  When I play golf I usually cannot make contact with the ball (it is EXTREMELY embarrassing…that’s why I really don’t “play” per se…I ride along in the golf cart and when all golfers and I mean ALL golfers are out of sight I jump out of the cart and take a swing).  TWO.  Driving a golf cart is super fun!!      

I’m pretty sure we’ve packed all but the kitchen sink for our trip.  Since we’re driving (it’s only about an hour and a half from our house) we’ve been tasked with bringing things that the others don’t have room for in their suitcases.  Beach stuff, food stuff, baby stuff…you name it, you can probably find it packed in the 4Runner.  All I know is that I CANNOT WAIT to feel the sand between my toes, hear the crash of the waves against the shore and lounge by the pool for the next nine days.  Ahh!  Can you feel the relaxation oozing out of your computer screen!!

P.S.  Turns out one of the memory sticks on our computer had gone bad…not the hard drive.  Thankfully it is one of the easiest and cheapest things to fix.  We ordered a new one at the end of last week and it should be waiting on us when we return from vacation!  Wahoo!!  New pics and videos coming your way soon!!


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One response to “Family Vacation – St. Augustine

  1. Hooray for vacation! Sounds like it is going to be so fun and so relaxing! Have a great time at the pool and beach with the family. Please tell everyone hello for us! Dave is uber jealous about the golf. He says to get a nice seat on 17.

    Enjoy your time. Love you all!

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