14 Months

Ben 14 months









“Hi”, “bye”, “uh-oh”, “boom” and “beep.” 

If you were to spend any amount of time with Ben these days you would be guaranteed to hear those words uttered constantly throughout the day.  When he’s riding around in the shopping cart at the grocery store you would think he was in his own little ticker tape parade.  He makes sure to greet everyone and I mean EVERYONE with a “hi” and a big wave and then a “bye” and another big wave as we “parade” around the store shopping for groceries.  He uses the phrase “uh-oh” for those times when he drops something on accident.  However, he also uses it for those times when he throws something down on purpose (like food from his highchair or a toy from his stroller), and then he looks at me and says “uh-oh”!  And then there’s “boom”.  Anytime he makes a loud noise it is usually accompanied by him exclaiming “boom” (along with a big grin)!! 

One of the funniest things I think he’s doing right now is steering his walk n’ ride toy around the house and beeping at things (typically after he has run into them) as demonstrated in the video below:

A few other new words:  “baby”, “Bee” for bed, “bubu” for bubbles, “moon”, “I”, “me”, “clock”, “up” and “yes”.  When he says the word “yes” it sounds like he’s saying a bad word:

Ben loves to help bring in the groceries when we return home from the store.  However, while “helping” he also likes to crawl around in the garage getting both dirty and into things he shouldn’t.  So we’re trying something new…I load both Ben and the groceries into the wagon and roll them into the house.  It seems to be working great!  (Except for when he decides to start unloading the groceries in the driveway instead of in the house!!)








This is Ben and his little buddy Ben from the neighborhood.  I watched “the other Ben” for a few hours for his mama Katy a couple of weeks ago.  They were so cute riding together in the wagon!  Note how small the little blue hat looks on Ben’s head…it’s the biggest one of Ben’s I could find!  It was pretty hot on this particular day and I didn’t want his head to burn.  At least he humored me and kept it on his head for most of the ride!!









Another favorite of Ben’s right now is listening to his cd player.  He will continue to point at it until I turn it on for him.  As you’ll see in the video below…this particular song (Encourage One Another from 1 Thessalonians 5:11) seems to be his favorite right now.  It is one of the songs from the Hide ‘Em In Your Heart cds by Steve Green. They are memory verses put to music and he LOVES ’em!

Here he is mowing the yard with dada.  Anytime Jake is out mowing the yard, Ben likes to play with his lawn mower out on the back porch too.  He is completely mesmerized by the real lawn mower.  Anytime we just walk by it in the garage he immediately begins pointing at it.










He likes to play with his blocks by seeing just how high he can stack them before they fall over!

Here he is riding on the toy pony he got from Opi and Omi for his birthday!

Some other fun stuff:  

His favorite book right now is Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss and any other Dr. Seuss book is a very close second.  A couple of funny things he does when we read the books:  In Hop on Pop there’s a page that shows Pat about to sit on a cactus.  It reads “No Pat no, Don’t sit on that” and then I follow it up with “ouch”.  Every time I say “ouch” he pulls my hair.  I have no idea where that came from.  The only thing I can think of is when he was younger and would pull my hair I would say “ouch, that hurts mommy” so that he would stop doing it.  Something else cute…when we read The Foot Book it shows a pair of feet bandaged up and it reads “Sick feet” at the bottom of the page.  Anytime we read this page to Ben or if he’s just looking through it by himself he coughs several times in a row.  We take this book with us sometimes when we go out to eat.  It never fails when he gets to that page and starts coughing people sitting around us look over at our table very concerned.  Once they figure out what he’s doing they begin to laugh!

He’s taking one nap a day now.  And as part of his bedtime routine we read to him in the rocking chair in his room.  Lately he’s started doing something new.  When he’s ready to go to sleep he points to his crib.  Once we put him down he’ll either roll over on his tummy and go to sleep or we’ll hear him playing on the monitor for a little while and then he goes to sleep.  This makes him seem very grown up to me!!  (sniff)

When we ask Ben if he is ready to go here or there he immediately responds, “Bye”…in a very southern accent!!



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2 responses to “14 Months

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all these videos and the update on all of Ben’s new words Jo. You are doing a great job of keeping family and friends from around the world updated on Ben. I really enjoyed it all and just can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He is adorable!!!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Cute videos! Unfortunately, now I have that “Up Up Up Up Up” song stuck in my head.

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