Fun in the Sun

I’m finally getting around to posting an update about our family vacation to St. Augustine at the beginning of May.  I can assure you it hasn’t been for a lack of trying.  Our computer has been on again and off again and on again and (oh,yes) off again.  So in light of our current off again status I decided to move everything over to the laptop for now until we can figure out what’s going on.  Technology is certainly a marvelous thing, but it sure can give me a gigantic headache too!!  About that vacation…

We spent most of the morning on Sunday packing up the 4Runner.  I wasn’t kidding when I said we packed pretty much everything but the kitchen sink (and yes…we still had room for Ben!)!









Ben stayed quite busy for most of the trip with a little light readingIMG_6937!









Jake, Ben and I were the first to arrive.  We immediately went to explore our fantastic beach house.  It was a 4 bed/4 bath home with 3 living spaces including a nice big flat screen TV, a pool table, darts and a Foosball table.  From the second story patio we had an amazing view of the pool,  hot tub and Matanzas River (part of the Intracoastal Waterway)!  We got to see beautiful sunsets every evening from the comfort of our back patio!!









After being told their flight was cancelled, then re-routed, followed by a total of a four hour delay…Tim, Candice, Laci and Randy finally arrived!!  Dad and Linda made it in later that evening (they took a few extra days to do some sightseeing on their drive down) and David arrived the following day!!  This pic was taken on the cute little dock outside the beach house overlooking the river.  While standing on the dock we even got to see graceful dolphins frolicking in the water! (Do dolphins frolic?  I was curious about what to call it when the dolphins do their little jumps out of the water so I googled it and found that it is really called breaching…and now you know…you’re welcome!!)IMG_6948







The guys were up and at ’em by about 5:15 am each morning.   “Our Players” divided up their time during the day between playing golf and watching “The Players” at Sawgrass.  (Sorry no pics of the tournament…no cameras or cell phones were allowed).  They played at St. Johns Golf and Country Club, South Hamptonthe Legends and Champions Courses at LPGA International…yes, they actually played both of them on the same day!  That’s 36 holes of golf…they were worn out!!  I’ve been sworn to secrecy regarding their golf scores, but if anyone REALLY wants to know please send a request via mail along with large sums of money (small unmarked bills only).


And the littlest “player” of all practicing his golf swing!!










A typical day for the ladies…after eating breakfast we’d head downstairs for a dip in the cool pool.  It was so nice!!  We’d swim for a while, then watch the magnificent boats sail by while eating snacks followed by playing some more.  Ben was always ready for a nice  l o n g  afternoon nap!  IMG_7140















After the guys returned home each day we had lots of fun playing HIGHLY COMPETITIVE games of pool and water volleyball (think:  The Water Volleyball Scene in Meet the Parents)!



Ben loved playing (more like pounding) on the piano with Omi!










We tried out some of the local cuisine at places like Salt-Water Cowboys and South Beach Grill, but of all the meals we enjoyed together my favorite was the night we had our very own shrimp boil.  It was so yummy!!  Plus we sat out on the upstairs patio and watched the sun set while we ate.  Delicious food, great company, beautiful view!









Of course we made time to hang out and walk on the beach a few times.  The beaches were absolutely beautiful.  The sand felt like powder under our feet and it wasn’t very crowded either so we had plenty of room to play and walk along the shore.
































We spent one evening touring up and down the cobblestone streets of downtown St. Augustine.   


Here we are standing in front of the beautiful Matanzas Bay.









Castillo de San Marcos









We stopped in at the Crucial Coffee Cafe on Cuna Street for an assortment of coffee drinks and then quickly made our way down St. George Street to the fudge shop!!IMG_7071









As the saying goes…all good things must come to an end.  It was an end to a truly wonderful week!!  Here we are feeling all refreshed and relaxed on our last morning of vacation. 









Ben did this for the entire trip home…still holding on to his little Hot Wheels car!!




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2 responses to “Fun in the Sun

  1. What a fun, fun vacation! It all looked so great! My favorite part was what the girls got to do each day. It seriously sounds like HEAVEN right now. I think I need a beach vacation stat! I love the photo of the three of you at the end – framer for sure. (can you send me a copy? I don’t have any recent pictures of you guys) And the one of just you and Ben? Joanna, he looks so grown up in that picture! He is such a handsome little guy. We have to make it happen to meet up sometime. Jackson and Ben would be the best of friends, I just know it!
    Love you all. Thanks for the recap!

  2. Matt and Yvonne

    Nice pictures! I heard you guys made it on TV in the background during the televised Players tournament.

    Hey, on the subject of golf, the Razorbacks go for the NCAA Golf Championship on Saturday against Texas A&M! Apparently there will be a live internet broadcast if you’re interested…

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